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Opus 1870 (2005)
by Penhaligon's


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchFox Paine & Company > Cradle Holdings

About Opus 1870

Opus 1870 is a masculine fragrance by Penhaligon's. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Opus 1870

So English, it bleeds red and white. Not Queen Victoria England but more Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. I know, I know, they hawk other non-English juice but I could easily see them wearing and being the face for Opus.

Whatís Opus like? The opening is a refreshing blast of red fruit (Iím told itís Yuzu but my local grocery store doesnít have Yuzu so Iíll take their word for it) and black peppercorn (my local grocery store DOES have black peppercorn!). Iím not a big fan of red fruits but the commingling of black pepper really tampers the screechy fruit. From grocery store, we head straight into the heart of England Ė rose and cloves. It doesnít get any more English than this. The plumy rose juxtaposed against the dark cloves really takes Opus into another direction. Opulent England. Red velvet and stiff upper lip England. Thereís also a dash of cinnamon and incense that meld into the rose and clove accord. Slowly, we start to leave England and head to the cedar chest buried in Grandmaís closet. Warm, soothing cedar. Smells expensive and expansive at the same time. I canít think of another fragrance in production that uses Cedar this well.

Performance, unlike the English national football team, is great. Easily lasts 7 or 8 hours and projects just at the right level. I should add that Opus only works in English weather Ė overcast, rainy, and cold. Donít bother wearing Opus when the sun is high in the sky and temps are warm. Opus is best enjoyed on cold, winter nights.

05th November, 2015
Sampled while traveling in Chicago on a cool day. Opus is a nice, safe, clean scent that is less than anything memorable. It has a clean spice opening that is soft and short. The remaining duration is a wood laundry soap experience. Nothing very definitive, although I was in 60 degree weather and perhaps it needed a little body heat or humidity to open the silage. Didn't turn me off, but not compelling either, so I give it a kind Neutral rating.
08th October, 2015
Gives me that Old school feeling. I like it, personally. I wouldn't wear it to please or impress anybody. Makes you feel mature and alot older. Also gives you a classy, historical sophistication vibe to it! As someone had mentioned like a museum or library type of vibe
Yes it would suit better for an older man, but it's not always about physical or visual interpretations. Anyone can rock this if you act mature or present yourself in a manner that the bottle depicts, gentlemenly :)
04th September, 2015
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United Kingdom
A nice, warm, slightly berry-fruity, transparent rose (akin to that in Voyage d'Hermes parfum) on a cedar wood background, with a very light dusting of pepper. Not bad for what it is, which is a very safe and understated office-type scent. It lasts ages on me, but after 30 minutes, projection is measured in microns, even with a dozen sprays. A starter rose scent, sans frissons. I defy anyone's knees to tremble whilst wearing (or smelling) this.
02nd January, 2015
A nice fragrant thingy without praise or blame, basically a cedar-incense (pencil sharpener) with gentle floral notes, notably rose, with a light, silky and warm fruity feel, and a pepper note giving the right amount of, well, pepper (meaning "dynamism"). The notes smell honestly more ordinary than it may seem reading the pompous names listed above Ė it's a decent, a bit dull blend of cedar, flowers, pepper, citrus, in short a unisex classic cologne with a bolder wood accord. Despite it is really nothing special, it is still a nice, refined, bright scent, lively like a mid-spring afternoon in London, also with a slight and pleasant "barbershop" vein running all over Ė some classic, dandy, delicate and shady mood, mixed with a sheer, urban sort of transparency. Sophisticated soapy drydown. Nothing exceptional, but nice.

18th August, 2014
A timeless classic from Penhaligon's

Of course beauty is always in the eyes and noses of the beholder, but IMHO, Penhaligon's Opus 1870 is one of the most magnificent fragrances ever created - a true masterpiece! The top notes of pepper and citrus meld quite quickly into a woody complex of cedar and rose undertones with a slight hint of musk. The combination conjures up delightful scenes of some of London's most beautiful squares and parks (Berkeley's, St. James's, Holland) in the late summer and early autumn. Opus 1870 epitomizes European city life at its finest. Along with Rochas' Macassar, Opus 1870 is truly a timeless masterpiece.

Pros: Wonderfully sophisticated, urbane fragrance of unusual complexity
Cons: None!"

21st September, 2013

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