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In Black (2005)
by J del Pozo


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Year of Launch2005
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People and companies

HouseJ del Pozo
PerfumerChristine Nagel
PackagingJuan Gatti
Parent CompanyPerfumes y Diseño

About In Black

In Black is a feminine perfume by J del Pozo. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christine Nagel. The bottle was designed by Juan Gatti

Reviews of In Black

Musky. Soft wood. Muted, gourmand-like, musty floral. Smoldering. Modern oriental.
17th September, 2017
Spicy cherry wrapped in a sweet dark dream. My first del pozo perfume which was bought totally unsniffed and I was happily surpised with its quality and unusual bottle. Long lasting suitable for all seasons even summer and never turns bitter in hot conditions. Lovely perfume and a "plus" for my collection. Love!!
20th July, 2014
Typical "new generation" glamour creamy potion (somewhat synthetic, floral/cosmetical and velvety) which sounds (smells) at the beginning like a sort of more properly masculine Bvlgari Jasmine Noir's version, I mean something floral and ambery with a dark patchouli, musk and vanilla in the blend. I detect hints of jasmine, tuberose, may be soft iris and violet. There are spices in the mix (probably nutmeg and cinnamon) and possibly hints of ripe fruits (plum, berries??) rounding the soapy/floral aroma. The dry down is even more soapy and balmy but somehow linear, "peaceful" and mild. After a pair of hours the balmy floral aroma (somewhat rosey and with a tuberose type of creaminess) conjures me more than vaguely the less "overshadowed" Secret Obsession by CK wich is less dark and more properly floral/cosmetical (less glamour oriental) in expression. Not bad in the complex (for the lovers of such synthetic androgynous fragrances). Longevity and projection are in the average.
P.S: the extremely soft musk/iris/vanilla combo is mastering in order to determine the basic smooth consistency over which the fruity/floral accord projects its trendy modernity.
03rd February, 2014
As someone who tends towards leather fragrances I bought this blind,on reviews alone. The interesting thing to me is that when I put it into Michael Edwards 'if you like this then...' the result was Coco Mademoiselle. My daughter wears CM and so I was delighted that the 'In Black' resonated with me. The cherry is carnal.
My Irish Mother, a very bright lady with very little schooling (born 1927 as one of thirteen) worked as a housemaid in hotels, one or two international ones. Often she would arrive home with a perfume left behind by an International Traveller. I always had champagne tastes on a beer budget and these perfumes were our road kill.
Often unpronounceable to the Antipodean family I knew my 'Shocking' from my 'Weil de Weil', my Chanel from my Guerlain. Long story short. In Black is inexpensive and very agreeable, dead sexy actually. Good sillage, it morphs a little but that is awfully picky. I doubt that it will ever 'take me back' but my husband loves it
15th May, 2012
I Notice some Incense and Black Licorice in this Perfume i expected
more of an Oriental woody scent before
i first tried it. i thought there whould
be benzion Oppopponox Civet Something
more woody i was a bit dissapointed.
but this has a class of it's own.
very suble but it you noticed.
it's a very Deletable scent. a Great perfume for Seduction.
14th December, 2010
It's an interesting fragrance, but there's something lurking in the background that I find somewhat disturbing.

It's hard to describe, but somehow it reminds me of the smell of spaghetti sauce, or perhaps the empy plastic container of the spaghetti sauce.

However, In Black is very unique (though I also get the connection to Black Orchid).

Not sure about this one...
29th September, 2010

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