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Tomorrow for Him (2005)
by Avon


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Tomorrow for Him

Tomorrow for Him is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Tomorrow for Him

Great, cheap lovely
27th April, 2015
I just got this today -blind purchase- and I have say I had never been so pleasantly surprised before. I have always stayed away from Avon fragrances (sorry, I find them "cheap"), but this is SO not Avon!! It is a fantastic syrupy frag, in the line of Blue Sugar by Aquolina, Rochas Man and Legend by Michael Jordan (not that they smell alike, but it's the same style). Sweet as it is, I can smell the amber and the coconut. It does not smell cheap, AT ALL. I wore it today to go to work and my secretary went crazy over it. If you're a fan of sweet perfumes, this is a purchase you will definitely not regret (especially considering what a BARGAIN it is!!). Highly recommendable.
04th July, 2012
First: love the bottle. This juice got a simply but chic bottle that matches the style of the cologne.

Second: this is my most complimented cologne. Bar none. I always get asked anytime I wear it, what I have on....ohhhh it smells so wonderful. Where can I find it? When I say Avon, no one believes me and everyone thinks I'm joking.

If this was put out by any "real" designer it would sell for 70+ bucks, and be getting all kinds of attention.

The color is perfect. A camel, dark chocolate, ANISE. And a delicious scent. My wife usually hates licorice, but she drools when I wear this. I generally am not a fan of gourmand scents but this is so classy, and rich. It's like wearing a glass of fine cognac.

I got this on eBay for $12. What a steal. I heard they disconntinued it. I hope not. I was so sad to hear that, and I actually wrote the company. (never done that before). If you like manly, deep, spicy, semi-sweet, frags, that have a smoky quality. This is it. A frag people will think you spent a fortune on at some niche boutique. This is it. No one will believe its Avon. I have other Avon frags, just to have in my library of scents, because they are considered classics. "Wild country", & "black suede". They are very Avon. Smell cheap. Not bad, just cheap. They have an odd, "oh this is an Avon cologne" smell. TOMORROW DOES NOT. It smells as far removed from Avon as a cologne possibly could. I don't know who they got to designe this stuff be he is a scent god.

I've smelled the other colognes mentioned below, that reminds many of this- including micheal kors, and a number of others. They are all from the same DNA. But personally, even if price wasn't a factor I'd take tomorrow over them. However, when you consider the price it's a no brainer. If your going to have one gourmand in your collection let it be this one.

For me longevity is very good. Sillage is good as well. I get about 7-9 hours. The other day I grabbed a shirt I was wearing the day before and could still smell it on there. This is what a modern man should smell like. Manly. Warm. Spicy.
21st June, 2012 (last edited: 25th June, 2012)
For the money, it is a great buy. It is the perfect scent to have in your collection for when you want to just change it up a bit for a day or two. It is good and longevity is decent. This was a gift and I must admit it surprised me pleasantly.
25th March, 2012
Avon has really stepped up their game in the last decade.
Tomorrow is a wonderful fragrance.
Licorice and Spice and very, very nice.
The notes are enjoyable and pleasing to my nose.
This is more wearable IMO than Lolita Lempicka and more enjoyable than Body Kouros.
Sadly the longevity is not great.
I still highly recommend for those who enjoy anise gourmands.
I really like this.
08th March, 2012
I just couldn't get on board with this one. I thought I might like it, but the ambery anise started to clash with the synthetic patchouli aroma, and in the end just turned my stomach. Too spicy to be a smooth gourmand, this dries down on me to a very earthy flat patchouli. Blech!
10th September, 2011

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