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360 Degrees White for Men (2005)
by Perry Ellis


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HousePerry Ellis
Parent CompanyFalic Group
Parent Company at launchParlux

About 360 Degrees White for Men

360 Degrees White for Men is a masculine fragrance by Perry Ellis. The scent was launched in 2005

360 Degrees White for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of 360 Degrees White for Men

A wearable Le Male

JP Gaultier, eat you heart out, this perfume is much more wearable than your horrible mess called Le Male.
Take Le Male and get rid of the gnashing of my teeth inducing "toothpaste (called mint)" note and lose the lavender while revving up the orange blossom and cardamom notes and voila: 360 White.
It is a well constructed fragrance that contrasts with the clashing notes mess of Le Male. It is a smooth, sweet, and very long lasting scent that should please many.
Sillage is better than average and longevity is exceptional, I wore it once and next day, after my morning shower I was still smelling 350 white stronger than most perfumes after only a couple of hours.
A winner in my book

Pros: Well blended, lasts all day
Cons: Not too original, after all it reminds me of Le Male

19th May, 2013
another great in the 360 line. very similiar to le male but a bit lighter,not as cloying. very unique in it's own right and another great in the 360 line!!
03rd April, 2013
Le Male toned down and more synthetic leaning without the cinnamon, mint and lavender and holding its identity more in the middle notes and strong reliance on the vanilla. The citric elements listed in the top notes never really reveal themselves, this explodes into a vanilla and floral powder bomb quickly and stays linear throughout. In PE 360 the lilies of the valley and orange blossom echo the loudest and give it a more floral and lighter quality than Le Male. Le Male suffers a bit from being too heavy on the cinnamon and lavender for a powder fragrance and in this respect the lightness of Perry Ellis 360 White does work to its advantage. Still, Le Male is far more impressive and better constructed and layered. The dry down is less balanced, with a heavier reliance on the vanilla and thinner cedar than Le Male, which holds a deeper bass with the sandalwood and amber.
Still, this is a credible adaptation of Gaultier´s Le Male and an affordable alternative for those not willing to pay the sometimes exorbitant prices required for fifteen year old designer fragrances. Still, there are better copies of Le Male out there, see the cheaper Cuba Gold or the even lighter and more skin scent leaning Cubano Gold. Both do a better job of recreating the lavender essence of Le Male. Perry Ellis 360 White relies more on the vanilla, cardamom and floral elements in its interpretation Still, this projects fairly well until the 3-4 hour mark and then nestles in to skin scent territory before dying out around the 5-6 hour mark. The drydown is rather bland and can be cloying because of its highly synthetic construction and gaudy vanilla that dominates the cedar where in Le Male the amber and sandalwood provide more balance for the vanilla.
A very respectable and enjoyable fragrance never-the-less.

Originality */ Scent ***/ Blending *** / Projection ****/ Longevity ****/ Quality ****
Overall 3.25
24th January, 2012
The spitting image of Le Male. Just cheaper. Only having some small differences.

Synthetic. It is not as dirty as Le Male, it is cleaner. Bergamot opening with the Mint and lavender combination still there. Fresh and slightly bitter, slightly vanillic quality. Some orange blossom but without that indolic, animalistic quality.

Good! I would wear this because of the price.

01st November, 2011
Anup Show all reviews
United States
If you love your wallet as much as you love le male, then this is the frag for you. Also interestingly enough, le male doesn't project on my skin as well as this does. something to note would be that le male seems to have a more spicy feel up close whereas this scent remains the same at all distances.
22nd April, 2011
Like most Perry Ellis scents, this one is a copy of a successful men's frag (Gaultier's Le Male). This one adds a berry note to the topnotes but otherwise it's the same juice as Le Male. What makes this more appealing than Le Male is it's cheaper and lacks of a "bulge" on the bottle.
20th March, 2011

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