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GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Sandalsliver

Sandalsliver is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Reviews of Sandalsliver

On first exposure to Sandsliver, I find a quite docile sandalwood and musk with a strong citrus element. As far as the sandalwood goes, it’s soft and creamy, but the sandalwood doesn’t have much strength until about an hour after application, and even then it’s a rather vague and nondescript sandalwood. It is powdery and it is struggling hard to not be overwhelmed by a persistent green note that is rising up from the middle of the pyramid. The sandalwood eventually succumbs, and is lost to the green which I suspect is violet leaf, because the green note reminds me a little too much of Green Irish Tweed. I agree with zztopp that the movement is somewhat confused and random: Citrus to anemic sandalwood to citrus / green / violet leaf green to powdery musk…just doesn’t work as far as I’m concerned. And I believe there are some miscellaneous elements in here, too; for instance, there are florals in the mix—I catch a whiff of them now and then, and I get some fruity notes in the middle, but these all seem quite random. Of course it is a Montale and there is an inherent quality in the Sandsliver ingredients, including the sandalwood note; but there’s something to be desired in the movement of the scent—it just doesn’t work for me.

Originally submitted 06 April 2007
10th December, 2010
This one is a bit of enigma to me. I get contrasting bright and dark themes. Citrus, sweetness, woodiness. Yes, there is sandalwood in the background (and it smells like the “Mysore Sandalwood”, which is my baseline for that note). But to me, Sandalsliver is as confusing on my skin as its name is to my ear. Perhaps I would appreciate it better on someone else.

19th September, 2009
Sandalsliver: wow! this ones massive! the immediate thought that comes to mind (for topsnotes) is a ingredient called Gulkhand(it's made of fresh rose petals+powdered sugar+honey+lime), we use it here to make sweet paans.. though the composition may sound too sweet but, its not, the overall aroma that this exudes is just addictive. the opening notes smells like stays there for 30-45 mintues then moving in a wonderful composition of sandalwood oil, musk and vanilla but, Sandalwood takes the spotlight away pretty easily.
08th August, 2008
Technically, my bottle is labeled "Skin," but I believe this is just the older name for Sandalsliver.

I'm surprised that nobody yet has commented on the similarity to YSL Nu EdP. I find them both very similar, though the YSL is a little more velvety and syrupy. The Montale is a bit more sultry and sticks closer to the skin.

This is a strange scent overall, as is the YSL. Very unisex, it stays close to the body and yet has a certain sweetness that is not at all "skin" like. I can't say amongst Montale scents this one ranks terribly high, but it is a very interesting one for others who like deep, slightly dark, skin scents.
21st December, 2007
A slightly disappointing fragrance for me, this has a clear creamy santal which smells very woody and perhaps just a little muddy. This is mixed with other woody notes and also various musky and dark notes which are faint and blended so I cannot pick them. These contribute to a general woody, messy slighty harsh accord which puts me most in mind of a carpenters workshop.

08th April, 2007
Well, I think the printing gaffe was actually Vijay's gaffe - I read him say so somewhere - so apparently Sandalsliver was the intended name after all. And that's kind of what this is - a sliver of sandalwood. There's a brightness and fizziness to Sandalsliver that I find interesting. It's softer than many Montales, though hardly soft, and not really what I would call a skin scent, even though at one time Montale did call this Skin. The muskiness of it is not really animalic, but soft and sweet. I would say it's genderless, but less adventurous men may want to stay away. It lasts well and is interesting enough to warrant a thumbs-up review. Still, there was nothing so compelling to make this a must-buy for me. Think bright, fizzy, slightly sweet, musky, and woodsy, and you'll get the idea.
28th January, 2007

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