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Wood & Spices
by Montale


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Wood & Spices

Wood & Spices is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Reviews of Wood & Spices

This is sample 7 of 7 from Montale. I would say this is very generic and smells like something I have had I just can't put my finger on it. I get a lot of spice and sandalwood. I understand that this has vetiver in it (which I can't find) and oud which is there but mingles with some incense deep in the dry down. Over all it is nice and it is masculine to my nose. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY PEOPLE! lol
31st May, 2017
Montale Wood and Spices doesn't really smell as I'd expected, as there's certainly some wood but not much spices. I mostly get woods and citrus, an orange/bergamot duo coupled with a lot of sandalwood. I don't get the listed oud or vetiver, really, so I'm half wondering if I'm smelling the described fragrance.

It has year-round and unisex wearability, reminiscent a little bit of Versace The Dreamer in terms of the creamier, sharp woodsy dry down, but I can't really draw many worthwhile comparisons. It's mainly just a semi-fruity, slightly sharp, woody mix, but not spicy to my nose at all.

It's at least discounted on Beautyspin at $105 for 100ml but this is one I can say that I like but I'm not moved enough to buy. Still, a worthwhile try as I can imagine this would work really well for some and be agreeable to many.

7 out of 10
20th October, 2016
Smells like a bowl of hard candies dissolved in a bottle of cheap musk. A scrubber.
19th May, 2016
There is something in Montale that fascinates me. It’s amazing how they ruthlessly bottle the worst “cheap-designer-in-disguise” scents in a niche dress, and manage to actually sell them. Some are actually decent, but most of them are just tacky cheap stuff. Still, they’re there, and they’re niche. However... Wood and Spices, friends, is their masterpiece – their “IgNobel” winning scent so far for me. Basically it smells exactly (I mean it: exactly) like those modern “aromatic fougères” cheapos, the woody-ozonic-spicy-fresh colognes like Ferrari scents, or Police. Completely, nauseatingly synthetic, flashy and tacky, despicably stuffed with metallic stuff and artificial “roundness”. Trust me, I am not being too grave or severe: it’s utter supermarket rubbish. Many niche fans want to smell expensive: Wood and Spices smells terribly *inexpensive*, instead. In perspective, I should raise my ratings of all other Montale’s, as this one is really the worst of them all. One of the worst scents I’ve ever tested.

11th December, 2014
Genre: Woods

The sour, metallic opening is so utterly hideous that it's hard to keep Wood & Spices on long enough to evaluate! Possibly the most vile, disgusting top notes I have ever encountered. I'm not sure that any development is worth enduring this stench, but I persist with the same morbid curiosity that drives motorists to gawk at pileups on the highway.

The sour note eventually resolves into something resembling citrus, but only in the way a cheap room air freshener does. If possible, the accords become even more abrasively chemical as they age. Heavens help me, this gunk also has terrific projection and sillage, and I'm afraid I will be smelled in the next room.

Uncle! I can't do it anymore! I've worn Wood & Spices for 30 minutes and I cannot endure the torture...must...must...scrub it off...
09th July, 2014
Not a bad fragrance. Not all that good either. Hardly any wood notes in this one. This one smells very synthetic to me. I get a few spices in this one. Nothing special IMO. It mellows out to a decent fragrance. Seems more suited for women to me though.
14th January, 2014

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