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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Sandflowers

Sandflowers is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

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Reviews of Sandflowers

An ethereal sketch of sand, sun, and air

Out of the bottle, it's airy, warm sand smell is lovely. But hitting my skin, it goes floral-sweet. That note seems out of place. It's really a sketch fragrance, and a rapidly dissolving one at that. That can have an appeal, for fans of light perfumes. I wish it were dryer.

I bolstered it with Frankincense rivae EO on one arm and Aveda Australian Sandalwood on the other.

The sandalwood oil completely blanketed the scent of Sandflowers, but the latter boosted the strength and longevity of the former.

The frankincense aired it out, and gave it a hot, resinous top note. Like resin in the sun. Might make a great layering scent, but still not fond of the clunker of a flower note.

Pros: Pleasant, non-intrusive
Cons: Fleeting, sweet flower note unwelcome

17th June, 2013
Wonderful "Down at the Beach" fragrance. Salty Aquatic Marine scent. dry down is a bit floral also. Somehow doesn't seem Montale, except for the great projection and longevity
09th September, 2012
Smells like warm, clean beach sand. It's certainly interesting because there aren't the usual cocunuts and ozonic notes in Sandflowers ( but i was hoping for sandalwood). It's not something I'd actually wear as a perfume though...
04th December, 2010

Sandflowers is a very light aquatic / supposedly woody fragrance that opens with quite a pleasant aquatic note and then dissolves into nearly nothing. I was expecting the calone and I was expecting the sandalwood: The aquatic calone came through quite well, and a very nice note it is. I didnít get any sandalwood, although there was a pleasant oakmoss background to the miscellaneous texture of the fragrance. Like so many of the Montale non-aouds, Sandflowers comes across as vague but pleasant. It is too nebulous, indistinct, and recessive for me. I guess this, as many of the other non-aouds, was not designed for meÖ

07th August, 2009
Although I am guilty of it myself, I normally scoff when a reviewer (or multiple reviewers) claims that a certain fragrance smells "exactly like" something else (e.g., GIT and CW). Take my word for it, though - this is virtually indistinguishable from CSP's Aqua Motu. Even though I like Aqua Motu, I would never agree to pay a 400% markup to experience the same scent rebottled by a more "prestigious" house. What's more, I am under the impression that Aqua Motu preceded Sandflowers, thus making Sandflowers not only laughably expensive but also (*gasp*) unoriginal.

Thumbs down.
07th July, 2009 (last edited: 01st November, 2009)
Much like Fougeres Marine, I perceive Sandflowers as more minty than obviously marine, though it has a dry, mineralic saltiness combined with herbal notes reminding me of Miller Harris' Fleurs de Sel. To my mind, Sandflowers is pretty much an inferior Fleurs de Sel, with an added cool, campherous mint note that I'm not particularly fond of. If you're a fan of mint and prefer fragrances with a sort of transparent "fresh air" feeling to the sunny, earthy warmth of Fleurs de Sel, you might very well appreciate it more than I do.
01st May, 2009

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