Spezie de Medici
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Spezie de Medici is a shared / unisex perfume by I Profumi di Firenze.

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This juice's name, Spezie de Medici, is clearly evocative about the historical Profumeria de Medici (and in general about Arte Profumatoria Fiorentina, in particular the Rinascimental Florentine noble art of perfumery with its perfumers/artisans called Muschiari, supported and cultivated particularly by the mythical sovereigh Caterina de Medici). The perfume's name surely alludes to the "special" piquancy of its aroma as well. I'm not usually impressed by the bombastic litany (so nowadays common in a notable part of niche perfumery) evoking (also in terms of current prosecution or re-interpretation of phantom antique/secret recipes) connections with a glorious past that dates back to many centuries ago. Anyway I try (not without effort) to respect this trend, especially while exploring the current activity of several (a bunch of) little "artisanal maison" which is appointed with competence and quality. Anyway Florence, thanks to the historical “officine” (laboratories) which currently produce world famous essences, is still the home of parfume art (one of the worldwide cities reference for the art of perfumery). I Profumi di Firenze is a little brand combining in its recipes "natural" (in good amount) and synthetic (in a well dosed little amount) in a really beautiful way. Honestly sometimes they could seem a little pedantic in the insistence of being stuck on overly classical recipes but usually the juices turn out finally anyway "cleaner" and matching a more contemporary sense of taste and aesthetics (Tobacco, for instance). Spezie de Medici is "fragrant", with an almost natural "essence" (consistency) of elements (raw materials) but is not well textured and could not finally be assessed as a good work of perfumery. Opening is turbulently spicy/piquant (kind of Marc Jacobs Bang's spiciness conjuring) and somewhat edible with a mélange of cinnamon/nutmeg/cloves/pepper and vaguely boozy/minty orange. The general atmosphere is immediately peppery, "boisterously peppery", like a sort of sweetly piquant burst initially almost shocking. Anyway thankfully pepper recedes after a couple of minutes and the spiciness starts to be soon more tolerable. A quite modern "palate (and nose as well)- titillative opening" conjuring spicy cakes and fresh orangy summer cocktails. Paradoxically this intoxicating phase is the best part of the "soon disappearing" juice. The spicy massive intensity is in the initial/central stage balanced by a diluent tad of "liquid" hesperides, vegetal oils, cool ginger, fresh/bitter green peels and a (minimal) touch of woodiness. The general combination still (but not for long) smells breezy, summery and exotic, not neglecting the right amount of balmy final soothing mellifluence. Allegedly a touch of vanilla manages to soften and round the spiciness but it is not adequately supported. There is indeed something kind of finally un-substantial in this recipe, the juice suddenly and swiftly fades, sillage and structure seem gradually collapsing towards an almost evanescent consistency, it seems me to gradually catch a residual "vague" aqueous mild/orangy piquancy (with a tad of hesperidic acidity) lacking a real "base" to be rooted on and the left over juice is like a frame without the picture, like a "vain" whiff in the middle of a storm. In substance, dry down is not well "equipped". I'd have preferred a tad of more woody-musky substance and probably a richer formula (more in general) in order to well support all that fluidy spiciness. Honestly I'd have also expected a more stout, properly floral and temperamental neroli-presence and a musky-floral twist of (actually absent) floral sophistication. I can't obviously complain about the quality of implemented raw materials but I miss that "smart" level of alchemic wisdom necessary for an "average" appreciation. The lasting power, usually "generous" with the brand's perfumes, is in this case ridiculously inconsistent. The most disappointing juice from this I Profumi di Firenze so far.
24th December, 2015
Beautiful orange & spices accord with good longevity.

Very original & comforting.

Thumbs up!
15th June, 2014
Hmmm -- I think we used to make pomanders like this in Sister Elizabeth's first grade class. We stuck cloves in oranges and then let the oranges dry. We then gave these clove-studded oranges to our mothers. The smell was marvelous, you bet, but for FAR less moolah.
18th January, 2008
Over-the-top spices and orange in the opening—actually I really enjoy it, but it’s not exactly something to be worn out in public—it’s better to wait a while after application before going out. Fortunately, this aggressive spice attack lasts only a few minutes and then settles down to a quite excellent orange spice accord that’s a bit aromatic (probably the cloves). Spezie de Medici, once it settles down is quite simple and unchanging, but this is not a criticism because its simplicity provides a very endearing, close to the skin spice experience, which would be even nicer if it lasted longer. This is a full, rich, lower register spice accord lovingly supporting a clean and pure orange note, and it’s quite lovely.
09th December, 2006

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