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Narziß is a feminine perfume by Dorissima.

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Like has been said by others , very light and transparent...opens with green leaves and citrus juice...gains a little herbiness...then kicks it up a notch with a bunch of woods...doesn't seem to last very long on me, pulls a quick disappearing act... Very much a fragrance for a gentleman...complete opposite of a powerhouse...upside is that this fragrance is unlikely to offend anyone and can be used for anything from the office to a funeral....actually smells really good but just too weak and fresh for my personal taste...A fresh grren fragrance with flavors of herbs/woods/vetiver and an ever so light dab of sweetness...
05th September, 2019
Sweet herbs. Narziss it's just like an old-school herbal-centered masculine devoided of the typical clean/dirty juxtaposition of many historical fragrances in the same vein. What's left is an overly sweet (and polished) green woody composition that while smelling pretty decent it's still of little interest.
26th April, 2012
I actually find that Narziss opens a little fusty. I was immediately reminded of a bedroom in my Grandmothers house that hadn't been used in 20 years.... dusty and dry with a touch of camphor in the room. Narziss soon brightens, becoming a mix of pepper, vetiver and sweet flowers, though a little of that fustiness does persist. The mix of pepper and vetiver puts me in mind of Roger and Gallet's Vetyver. There's quite a lot going on here, I can't help but feeling that I've layered two very nice and gentle fragrances together.

Although it goes on a little nasty Narziss settles quickly into a very 'easy' and relaxing fragrance. This ranks alongside my R de Capucci as a fragrance that you can always fall back on if choosing a fragrance for the day is too difficult.
19th October, 2009 (last edited: 21st October, 2009)
In the opening I get a pure, clean, translucent aromatic accord dominated by a distinctive peppery note. Tarragon is the first note to follow the pepper and that accord soon is joined by a richly refined sage. It’s actually quite an impressive opening because of its refinement and sophisticated construction: It approaches transparency, and it is entirely masculine. This opening accord lasts for an impressive length of time. I don’t pick up the rose note that is supposed to be there. Later than soon, the fragrance quietly gives way to the light cedar and vetiver notes of the middle accord. Ordinarily, cedar and vetiver would be cool, but this particular accord seems rather warm. I think the middle accord gets a little off, but nothing serious. The base cools down to a discreet green and tonka accord very clear and attractive, quite sweet and hinting at transparency. It has decent longevity. A poster fragrance for masculine subtly and sophistication, Narziß is, indeed, excellent.
22nd December, 2007
A rather light unisex frag that luckyscent markets as suitable for men compared to Goldmund which they claim to be a woman's scent--whatever.
In any case it's a light citrus with green accords that's gone in about 30 seconds and has little sillage Wait till they come out with an EDP version. Unlike Hesse's masterpiece, nothing special in this one. It's just little known and niche. Whopee.
24th May, 2006
I just got this yesterday from Scent Bar here in Los Angeles and what can I say? This truly is a 'distinctive and unique' fragrance that I discovered.

Named after the masterpiece by German writer Herman Heese, Narziss was developed by Doris Brugger. Narzizz is a blend of tarragon, royal sage, rose, atlas cedar, vetiver, tonka, fig leaves and sandalwood. It has a very rich and longlasting cedar and sandalwood drydown.

I sprayed MPG's Santal Noble on my right wrist and Narziss on my left wrist before I went to bed last night....I can still smell the Santal Noble, but the Narziss has faded completely. I still give it a thumbs up!
13th May, 2006

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