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Botrytis is a shared / unisex perfume by Ginestet.

Reviews of Botrytis

It definitely smells like Botrytis wine -- botrytis meaning "noble rot." Botrytis (a type of fungus) infects the grapes, causing them to dehydrate and shrivel. This increases the sweetness and flavor complexity of the wine. This is exactly what this perfume smells like to me. Honeyed, boozy sweetness. I enjoyed my tester, but not something I would purchase.
29th December, 2017
I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance after learning about it via Alyssa Harad's "Coming To My Senses" - a book I will aggressively recommend to anyone interested in scent & perfume, btw - but the actuality of it left me keenly disappointed. It does open with a lovely honey start but, on me, quickly settles into what my nose often interprets with vanilla as a mostly cheap, synthetic vanilla perfume. I had hoped the vanilla and I would work well together in this one, but alas; headache inducing and ultimately washed off. Sorry, Botrytis!
05th May, 2016
I was given a free sample of this and 3 other scents when I bought another perfume. I love this - it starts off sweet, but it quickly settles down. I get a bit of honey, but it's a creamy sort of honey. I get soft vanilla and a touch of musk and possibly lemon? A bit more wear and it becomes softer, a tad powdery, and the amber starts to come through, with a touch of spice. This scent makes me think of Christmas - probably the dried fruit and gingerbread. This is a gorgeous, gentle scent which makes me think of a favourite, soft, cuddly jumper that you love to wear in winter - which is odd seeing as how it's summer here now and waaaaay to hot for jumpers! I can't stop sniffing it whenever I wear it. Definitely my next purchase!
09th November, 2015 (last edited: 22nd November, 2015)
A fruity floral that's swimming in semi-sweet honey. This could easily have been death by sucrose, but it does a reasonable job of not going too far. The honey has a lactonic edge that pushes it into rich gourmand territories as opposed to trashy diabetic ones, but it gets a bit cliche after 15 minutes or so. Overall, itís a pleasant honeyed floral that smells familiar to a handful of department store feminines, but it reveals just enough character to stand alone. The performance is utterly, laughably pathetic.
10th March, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Botrytis has a fascinating opening: honey sweet, smoky, foody, and musty, all at the same time. I find it heavy Ė overbearing even Ė but I keep wanting to sniff it all the same. The smoke here is more like tobacco smoke than incense or barbecue, and the musty element may result from its juxtaposition with some very smooth woods in the foundation. The whole thing strikes me as extremely rich and dark, but the foody element does not fall off the fence into chocolate or mocha. (And thank goodness for that!)

The tobacco smoke intensifies an detaches a bit from the central accord, and as it does so it takes on an ashy sharpness. The result here smells to me a bit like spiced honey served in an ashtray. Again, weird, but also compelling in its own way. As this accord develops it becomes oddly familiar, something Iíve smelled before but canít exactly place. Then it hits me: Botrytis is channeling Fumerie Turque!

Thatís right, with the honey, spices, and tobacco smoke, Botrytis is a close cousin to the much-praised Lutens fragrance. The two are by no means identical though, in spite of their shared central notes. Botrytis is the sweeter and decidedly more gourmand-smelling of the two, and its smoke is much less forward. Itís also less complex than Fumerie Turque. The musty impression that Botrytis leaves also contrasts with the musky animalic accord that anchors Fumerie Turque. There are more obvious oriental rose and jasmine in Fumerie Turque as well. It would the unfair to call Botrytis ďFumerie Turque Lite,Ē but on the other hand, if you like the one, youíre liable to enjoy the other, too. Whatís better, you can actually buy Botrytis in North America.

The raisiny, alcoholic aspects that you might expect of the ďnoble rotĒ that gives us sauternes and winterís rich auslese wines only appear after two or three hours of wear. At the same time, the smoke component dissipates, so that the rest of Botrytisís development is highly individual. The dessert wine accord grows more and more prominent, as do the woody basenotes, completing the olfactory metaphor of the sweet wine maturing in its barrels.
09th June, 2014
Rich Real Honey

Botrytis is a honey lover's smellfest. You may find Botrytis like catnip to a cat ! This is like the olfactory version of tasting and savoring a very good rich raw honey . It's sweet and a feminine scent. if you are craving a honey scent- this is it. Look no further.

Pros: Completely 'honey-ified'
Cons: None"

09th September, 2013

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