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    silk to me a scent i wear in the fall with a cozy scarf and get great whiffs of a soft almost powdery white floral . i dont usually prefer white florals but its far from heady is very cozy and subtle soft feminine and quite frankly beautiful. and like all the jalaine line you get quality from packaging to the bottle to longevity and no i don't work for jalaine but i do admire her scents. give it a try if you need a quality comfort scent thats beautiful also at luckyscent

    26 January, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Sweet, creamy, vanilla, musk, and even though it's not listed I swear I smell a touch of ylang-ylang. I was expecting a high, screechy white floral with a name like "Silk" but my predilections of other fragrances called silk are shattered by something that actually is SMOOTH. Has white florals in it but they are intermittently soothed into a thin flowing texture by vanilla. Good stuff.

    14 December, 2008

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    Starts out with some light florals and citrus notes but dries into a gorgeous, creamy vanilla with a touch of amber. It diffuses and projects as only an oil can, and it's rich and nuanced (while also coming off as simple) as only Jalaine fragrances can.

    I accidentally applied two drops, and it was more than enough to last over 8 hours on my skin. When I first applied there was substantial sillage - my wife remarked 'wow, you're wearing something heavy today', but this dried down reasonably within 2 hours.

    29 November, 2008

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Mouth watering, fresh, powdery, sensual, creamy, musky. My absolute new favorite. I was in love with how it smelled on me, with "my smell". Strangers asked me what I was wearing.
    I cannot help using too much, like an addict I want more and more. A little too expensive to lose control over.
    What else is similar to this? I love it!

    10th June, 2008

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    United States United States

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    I love this juice. It comes in a perfume oil and is quite pricey, but I think it's worth every penny. First off, the cut glass bottle is just gorgous, and once purchased, you can order refills for much less than the original bottle. The scent itself is very strong on my skin. A drop or two is all that I need to use. This is a sweet amber mixed with vanilla and "marine notes." I'm not sure what those synthetic notes are but they add a citrusy edginess to the otherwise soft as pashmina mix of amber/vanilla. To my nose there isn't much development, except that the dry down focuses primarily on what has now become amber/vanilla velvet on your skin. Yum.

    29 April, 2008

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