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Oha (2005)
by Téo Cabanel


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseTéo Cabanel
PerfumerJean-François Latty

About Oha

According to Téo Cabanel, Oha is "an evening fragrance that combines the most precious and noble essences. Transcending time and space this mysterious perfume will appeal to women with a true personality". The fragrance is currently available at:
Catherine Gift Perfume Shop – 7 Rue de Castiglione – 75001 Paris
Cario – 3 Rue de la Paroisse – 77300 Fontainebleau
Beauty Mary – 23 Place Martroi – 45300 Pithiviers

The Teo Cabanel fragrances will soon be available in London (Fortnum & Mason's) and Frankfurt (Albrecht).

Oha fragrance notes

Reviews of Oha

To smell fragrant roses is to be drawn into the essential kindness of the experience. Sure roses have been interpreted in manners ranging from hygiene-obsessed gym queen (all those cups of green tea swill!) to blood-gorged goth – with vampy femme fatales holding the middle ground. But if one is true to the essence of roses, then one needs to feel their tenderness – an almost maternal warmth coupled with the softness of a baby’s cheek, a nectar-laden presence, deep and untiring, that gives and gives.
It’s a quality Oha brings to the fore, despite its quite evident sophistication. The loukom-accented nature of Bulgarian and Moroccan rose oils is done full justice here, the evocation is rich but not over-rich, there is density and there is air, there is grandeur and yet Oha remains approachable and smiling. The beautiful old-school base is the real masterstroke – an unguent-like dark brown blend of tonka, vanilla, woody notes provides the kind of shade that makes the scarlet of the rose bloom. The bridging note is a half-soapy-half-woody cardamom.
With all its components in place, Oha seems to dance, now letting that base surge up, then again giving that disarming rose the upper hand, now taking a sip from some mysterious liqueur, or opening the lid on a tiny box of the most refined spices…
I don’t want to heap Oha with the weight of unrealistic expectation, but I love it, and feel that if you care about roses, you should try it. Also, my personal preference is for the first three or four hours of this perfume, after which it becomes a much more conventional white musk and rose combo – still poised, just less interesting and a bit cooler than before.
22nd January, 2016
An amazing neo-classic of immense beauty. Intellectual and forbidding, Teo Cabanel Oha is possibly the new Fendi by Fendi, just a tad cleaner (or better fresher) and more approachable. Another juice jumping markedly on mind (especially for its profound green/herbal/floral musky twist) is the great Acampora Sballo. I tend sometimes to be aulic in several of my reviews as much as I stumble on an unexpected surprise, sometimes I'm overly bombastic or wittingly exaggerated but, trust me guys, in this case I'm seriously enchanted since I've approached skeptically this umpteenth fragrance but finally (as a magic serendipity) I ended to be allured by a gorgeous neo-baroque floral/chypre superbly retracing the sacre tradition furrowed by immortal masterpieces a la Guerlain Mitsouko, Fendi by Fendi, Aromatics Elixir, Roccobarocco, Krizia, Ysl Opium, Lanvin Arpege, Cartier Panthere, 24 Faubourg Hermes, Ungaro Diva, La Perla and Coco Chanel. More modern neo-classics a la Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli, Sisley Eau du Soir and Acampora Sballo jump as well on mind for several of their characteristics. This juice is velvety, spicy, fur-nuanced, earthy/crisp and divinely musky, a multilayered spicy/musky rose-orris dominant accord of uber classic beauty. A divinely old-fashioned pearl for a Grand Dame at theatre or for a poetic male dandy with no fear to sublimate (by a great scent) its sensitive elusiveness. The aroma appears by soon complex, hesperidic, vegetal, rooty/piquant but most of all musky-floral. Hesperides, patchouli, honey, fur, amber and further classic elements are masterfully balanced and wisely restrained. Bergamot, patchouli, rose, stuffy jasmine, fur and piquant/earthy spices provide massive vintage classicism, the extremely musky floral temperament unfolds feminine sensuosness but I'm sure this juice could be proudly worn by a daring intellectual man in a specific grand gala "bon-ton dominant" intellectual evening. The note of tea (combined with cardamom) affors a touch of fresh lightness which, combined with airy muskiness, imprints "silently and respectfully" a more modern and approachable vein, even preserving the basic old-fashioned classicism. Finally I get a sublime (and quite classy/luxurious) touch of fur, soft woods, hints of balsams, exotic tonka and musky velvet. The fur-effect in particular exudes a "lush" high class tone providing a "conceited and exclusive" aura around the wearer. Please give us back these tributes to a criminally left back superb classicism.
05th January, 2016 (last edited: 08th May, 2017)
What a nice surprise. Oha opens with an extremely realistic, deep and invigorating sort of “bright floral chypre” appearance: juicy rose and bergamot notes on top, a really compelling and kind of old-styled herbal-woody accord, resins, a tremendously enjoyable iris note. Then patchouli, a mint breeze (geranium, maybe) and other flowers providing a really nice, and again, pleasantly “vintage” feel, that classic “bouquet of wet flowers” vibe. A really effortless composition which manages to appear as a modern, light and lively floral scent with a decided classic vibe. And above all, smelling terribly good – by this, I mean deep, radiant, realistic but also “polished” enough to smell perfectly crisp and sophisticated, with a hint of musky sexiness. Several classic feminine scents come to mind within the first minutes, mostly from the late 1980’s-mid 1990s, from Vendetta by Valentino to L’arte by Gucci; more as inspirations than actual similarities. I mean that Oha seems referring to them, but with a contemporary, “brighter” approach, and a couple of modern features – that “tea” note for instance, which if I identified it correctly, smells more like a generic (yet completely pleasant) touch of fruit. The evolution is equally nice, and it shows both the quality of the notes and the skillful composition: as minutes pass Oha slowly becomes fruitier and more resinous, that “tea” note emerges more clearly, a whiff of patchouli-licorice appears. Kind of “Lutensian” at this stage – flowers, resins and fruits. And basically so is the drydown, which sadly is a bit short. Know what? I’m impressed. Understated, maybe uncreative and maybe a bit too short-lived, but a really nice little gem with solid materials and an utterly enjoyable evolution exploring several nuances of flowers, resins and herbs.

27th April, 2015
Something makes this floral quite a smoky one at least for the first hour or two. Oha is absolutely divine and a must try for perfume lovers. Its enveloping powdery trail it's quite unique (or the very least uncommon). There is sweetness but not overwhelming. This is maybe hard for men to pull off... but as always fragrances are very subjective especially the good ones! The dry down is exceptional and I can't stop sniffing my wrist.
11th March, 2015
Looking at the notes, l really should like this, but something here doesn't like me, & l think it's either the tea or the cardamom. Sorry, but to my nose there is something absolutely vile in this fragrance. lt's strong, peppery & makes me want to sneeze, & it has that stale note that reminds me of Youth Dew, which l also cannot stand. l do get hints of rose & jasmine, & some tonka, musk & woods in the base, but for me that unpleasant, headache-inducing note remained throughout. lt took a supreme effort not to scrub it off! Definitely not for me.
03rd February, 2011
BayKAT Show all reviews
United States
Have you ever sat and flipped through channels at night, stumbling upon PBS where Charlotte Church was on stage, singing a pitch perfect operatic song, afterwhich everyone clapped politely?

That's Oha.

But I prefer it when Mariah Carey or Celine Dion take the stage and belt it out. And this is my problem with Oha.

It's subtle. Pitch perfect, but subtle. And as a chypre floral it is competing with some grand divas in my boudoir, like Caron's Or et Noir and Guerlain's Mitsouko pure parfum; and they are outsinging this one.

Nevertheless, I like this fragrance, it is indeed beautiful, and has all but three of my favorite notes. I will order a sample in the pure parfum to see if it kicks it up a notch, becuase htis is one I'm not ready to write off just yet.
08th February, 2010

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