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    Ylang ylang, Blood orange, Hibiscus, Vanilla, Moroccan red rose, Sicilian lemon

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    It's hard to know how to describe the scents in this line. I think purplebird7 does a good job. They smell real, but unlike classically-structured perfumes are missing notes of the oriental style like musk, frankincense, amber, and sandalwood. They are more about the head and heart notes and rely on vanilla for a base. This is heavy with oranges and they sit uneasily with ylang ylang (I'm fresh, no I'm sultry). Lemon makes this tangy and vanilla makes this thick-lidded. The overall impression is a high noon of tropical hothouse garden steamy. I see where this is going. You may LOVE it (must like oranges) but I prefer the dry woods and moss.

    02 February, 2011

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    on my fragrant honeyed*moon the good king moo, her serene royal highness miss matina bevis of greece and i went to m. balahoutis' trunk show. this is the wedding present the king chose. much gratitude.

    16 February, 2010

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    I get a very sweet, overly indolic ylang-ylang. This is not for me. Also fades quickly.

    06 December, 2008

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    L'Invisible is an oilibanum resin fragrance with candied orange peel and a bit of winey rose. It is quite exotic and good. It is a dense, sweet/sour combination of natural ylang-ylang, orange, lemon, rose, and hibiscus essences on a base of thick, dark resin. There is oak-moss, but it does not stand out distinctly like a chypre. The aroma is not what one would expect from conventional perfumes. These are distilled using water from natural plant materials without the aid of solvents. The technique causes the notes to have a somewhat fermented aroma, as if they have been stewing in the bottle for decades, like a vintage perfume. If you seek a fresh, clean, airy fragrance, steer clear of all Strange Invisible Perfumes. However, if you want to smell something unique and full-bodied, I bet there is something in this line that will intrigue you. This was one of my favorites.

    02 March, 2007 (Last Edited: 22 April, 2008)

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