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Le Vainqueur (2005)
by Rancé 1795


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRancé 1795

About Le Vainqueur

Le Vainqueur is a masculine fragrance by Rancé 1795. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Le Vainqueur

This is the quintessential early 2000s fresh-synthetic masculine designer viewed through the lens of so-called niche perfumery. However, it is by no means any improvement. It starts off reasonably well with a blast, which is a melange fresh-green fruity-floral-aquatic notes; thereafter it grows more crude, more annoying, and more grating with each hour. At about the three hour mark this is nothing but Burberry Weekend for Men with a facelift. Sillage is adequate, and so seems to be duration - which might not actually be a good thing in this case.

03rd July, 2017
When I first bought it I was blown away. Then the drawbacks became more apparent. It's almost like a floral melon potato starch powdery scent that doesn't offend but becomes quite boring.
23rd November, 2014
The Rance 1795 Le Vainqueur's opening is peppery-aromatic, green, metallic, fruity (yes melonal-grapefruit-mandarine), floral and semi-aquatic, quite conventional, something in the middle between Faconnable Home, Bond I love NY for Fathers and Wall Street. The peper-lavender-grapefruit accord is heady by soon and intense while the fruity-floral intensity is rooted over a mandarine-lily of the valley-grapefruit connection. Sharp floral notes provide a restrained and energic melancholic vibe. The note of lavender holds on to be aromatic and fresh throughout till the dry down which is mostly dry woods and ambroxan with a faint note of smooth leather coming up at distance. The final trail is refined, slightly powdery and virile with a sheer leather-warm amber-spices accord which is well appointed but un-original. Too much pungent and intense (in its floral fruitiness) for my full pleasure. The final outcome (the most interesting part) is a moody leathery-floral somewhat virile, powdery, warm and elegant.
21st October, 2014
Le Vainqueur ("the winner") by Rancé 1795 is similar to all extents to any masculine cheapie from the 2000s, stuffed with calone, melonal, aldehydes, ambroxan (and other typical delicacies of the XVIII century). A white/azure scent, artificial and metallic, even interesting in its own way for the abstractness of the notes – it does not smell of almost "anything" clear, just pure synthetic nowhere, a series of metallic-aquatic-green suggestions, cold and decontextualised, true to life like a Windows '98 background image. More than to cheap designers, perhaps it is even more similar to floor cleansers. I do not get the placement of such a type of scent in a "neoclassic" line. Ugly per se, and most of all, ugly for the price and the pretentiousness of another made-up "historical" brand (founded in 2003).

28th July, 2014
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
A nice modern offering from this venerable French house. The clean, fruity melon in the top notes definitely places this in the modern day, but the lavender and floral heart, combined with a salty, musky, woody base put this squarely in the classical French fragrance category. A great option for someone in tune with the present but with a desire to reference the past. Would Napoleon ever have worn this? I do not think so--too fruity--but wearing this could be a great way to bring out the conquering hero in all of us. Beautiful bottle and packaging and a solid addition to any aspiring emperor's collection.
23rd July, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Le Vainqueur opens with a nice soft breeze of melon, grapefruit and ginger, mixing with hints of lavender. The lavender becomes the primary heart note, supported by nutmeg and the remaining citrus from the opening. The lavender remains through to the end, adding base note support from a powdery iris and light musk. Projection is average, but longevity is excellent (I got 10-12 hours).

I am not a huge fan of lavender scents, so Le Vainqueur is not really my cup of tea. That said, it is an extremely well-executed scent that should appeal to just about anyone who does like lavender-centric scents. Despite my preferences to the contrary, I have to give Le Vainqueur a thumbs up because it does smell good and it is a quality scent that is worthy of a try for anyone, and maybe even a buy at its relatively sane niche retail price of $120, if the notes are to your liking. Recommended, earning 3 stars out of 5.
14th April, 2012 (last edited: 20th December, 2012)

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