Patchoulissime (200)
    by Keiko Mecheri

    • Launched: 200
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
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    Patchoulissime Fragrance notes

    Indosesian Patchouli, Hesperidees, Rose absolute, Benzoin Tears

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    What's the Point?

    First, I want to explain that the French suffix, -issime, modifies a word to make it a superlative, so Patchoulissime would roughly translate to mean 'very patchouli' or 'extremely patchouli.' Thus, I was expecting a strong, and unapologetic patchouli-based perfume but it is nothing of the kind.

    Upon application, I notice a solvent-like note that is slightly sweet combined with something that makes me think of warm plastic or putty. The opening is unpleasant to my nose, but not long-lasting. The main accord for the life of this fragrance is predominately a dull roar of metallic white musks, a note that reminds me of the aroma of hairspray, and buried underneath it all, a very clean patchouli can be detected. Ultimately, everything fades away to the fragrance equivalent of radio static, via the buzzy, metallic, white musks.

    Patchoulissime not only defangs it's titular note, but showers, lathers, rinses, and repeats. Followed up by a manicure and pedicure. I don't mind a patchouli with some manners and polish, but if you can't leave at least a little dirt under the beast's nails, why make a patchouli fragrance in the first place?

    Pros: You don't care for patchouli
    Cons: Patchouli, how could they do this to you?!"

    07 October, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    This is a simple floral patchouli flanked by a touch of citrus and vetiver and tamed in rawness by the addition of benzoin and may be a touch of amber. The general balance is undebatable. As already written this one, while being simple, is toned down and is neither a roaring too earthy patchouli nor an heavy, mellow or spicy one. I agree with Sir Slarty, there is an animal, averagely dry, bit dissonant note that lingers in the general sweetness but this one is present at the beginning and tends to fade quickly. The rose is barely perceivable in the sweetness. I find this fragrance too minimal and unappealing. Longevity and sillage are notable.

    03 June, 2011

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    I love this fragrance as I'm not a great fan of full on patchouli. If you give a couple of coats or spray liberally it's not that mild . It is also one of the better lasters from Keiko Mercheri and I get a full day easily. Patchoulissime is exquisite as it is.

    07 October, 2009

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    Is it supposed to be *this* subtle? Can hardly smell a blessed thing. Extra sprays only amplified the white noise. Puzzling.
    From what I *can* smell, it's a nice, slightly earthy and unsweet patchouli.

    04 September, 2009

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    I loved reading purplebird's excellent review and astute description of the different approaches to patchouli by various houses.

    There is nothing wrong with Patchoulissime at all - a dry, light, earthy, herbal patchouli that is as far from 'raw' or 'animalistic' as patchouli can possibly be. It's still patchouli, but by far the kinder, gentler version of patchouli. I'm firmly with foetidus in that I like my patchouli without being watered down, and while this fragrance is well constructed and would appeal to those wanting a mild patchouli fragrance, it is not for me.

    02 March, 2009

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    Patchoulissime – Keiko Merchari
    A clean, well-handled patchouli that smells refined and herbal. Patchouli is a difficult not to tame. There are two main schools of thought: one celebrates the earthiness of patchouli, adding little else (such as the high-quality Santa Maria Novella Patchouli and the lovely L’Artisan Patchouli Patch); the other school aims to sweeten the patchouli with fruit and amber notes (my favorites being Jalaine Patchouli, Coromandel, and Montale Patchouli Leaves). Most objections to the fist school occur because of associations with “hippie patchouli.” On the other hand, the substance, itself, causes problems with the “sweet school” because patchouli is one of the mustiest notes in perfumery. Regardless of the prettifying, it still smells like dirt, and the incongruence with vanilla can be revolting if handled improperly. Enter Keiko Mercheri Patchoulisse, almost a school unto itself. It is so light it approaches dryness. It is so soft that the patchouli comes across as an herb. This light, herbal nature completely removes all mustiness, but the perfume never becomes the least bit edible. Probably the only other perfume I know that succeeds in this same task is Aromatics Elixir. Patchoulissime is like one, tiny sliver of AE—the part without the complex balsams and florals, which leaves it spare and airy. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t found a friend in patchouli yet.

    09 January, 2009

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