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Arcus (2005)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2005
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Arcus is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Arcus

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a delightful lime-bergamot mixed with a green leafy undertone. Not a bright blast, it exudes a touch darker and greener shades of freshness. In the drydown the greener notes move more into the foreground, mainly basil and lavender, with a geranium note adding a mildly sweetish floral component. In the beginning of the drydown a fruity lychee appears, but it soon evaporates on my skin.

The base is simpler on my skin, mainly a darker wood note, that fades out slowly. I get good projection with moderate sillage; the total longevity is nearly five hours. It is very well blended and the high quality and high percentage of natural ingredients is evident. A very nice scent for cooler summer days and very good for the office. 3.75/5
19th December, 2014
I mostly get neroli with hints of green pepper, vetiver, and spices.
20th September, 2010
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
More like a nimbus cloud without the cumulo. Totally boring and dull 'green' fragrance that smells very synthetic. Even selling at half price as was the case couldn't tempt me.
21st July, 2009
It's a good geranium and mandarin orange flesh scent. Medium sweet and only a hint of salty sea air on the mid-notes. It is a very "wet", "creamy" fragrance, I don't know how else to describe it. I don't get the depth some people are seeing in it here, but I may after I live with it for a while. It is high quality as you'd expect from Amouage. And yes, the bottle is VERY cool, so there's that. Standing on its own, the fragrance is excellent if not (as foetidus pointed out) a big booming fragrance. It's VERY nice and deserves a clear thumbs up. Now... *for the price* is a whole other matter. Maybe not as much. However, I review fragrances on their own merits alone.

I've said it before, you don't buy these things expecting to get any kind of bargain for a few oz of fragrant liquid for hundreds of dollars. It's a luxury item and you pay what you have to to get it. If there's any way you're going to miss the money, or the fragrance is too dear, then get a tester and choose not to buy... you never had to pay for it in order to do that. Its cost never hit your books. For that reason, I don't factor price in my reviews, nor do I think anyone else needs to.

And on its own - Arcus is really nice, natural, mildly sweet, floral & citrus aquatic. One I'm happy to have in my collection!
04th June, 2009
I have been smelling this one on people since I was a child but didn't know what was it, bought it last week and boy it is good!
If you are used to wear Gold or Jubilation or Silver or Dia this is different as it starts with the citrus.
08th February, 2009
The moment you spray it, it reminds you of Acqua Di Gio and then in about 5 minutes it transforms into something green. Then the salt appears that does remind you of Erolfa. The dry down is unmistakenly the same as that of 'Halston Catalyst' which in any case is very similar to ADG.

It does not warrant such a high price because it's fairly average and smells like a lot of other much cheaper colognes.
07th January, 2009

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