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Pure Turquoise (2005)
by Ralph Lauren


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Year of Launch2005
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People and companies

HouseRalph Lauren
PerfumerAnnie Buzantian
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Pure Turquoise

Positioned as the feminine partner to Purple Label.

Reviews of Pure Turquoise

Men's generic oceanic meets women's polite floral.

It has a green quality (lily of the valley) with rose to give it depth, reminding one briefly of Patou's Joy. To this is added a certain nutty quality and the chemical profile that defines the oceanic genre, but with a lighter hand than with most scents.

Turin dubbed it a "laconic fougere," that could work unisexly for both men and women. I agree with that assessment.

A decent scent that walks a fine line between florals of the past and the lighter scents of today's popularity. It could have been great, in that the basic structure is onto something, but it somehow fails to follow through, thus the neutral rating.
20th December, 2015
I have tried Pure Turquoise several times, wanting to like it but am always inevitably disappointed. To my nose the amber and obtrusively-sweet vanilla are not at all subtle; these accords overpower the heavenly concoction of cactus, lily of the valley, orange blossom and patchouli. I find this to be really unfortunate because I think this fragrance would have had fantastic potential otherwise.

While Pure Turquoise aims to convey the unique beauty of the gem it's named for, it invokes the image of the medieval spice route between Europe and Asia in which all the spices were left to the elements for far too long and became stale... and somehow those stale spices ended up in a birch barrel of vanilla bourbon. It makes me wonder if other reviewers have ever actually been to the desert southwest. There's also a Christmas-y sort of note imparted, at least on my skin. That works wonders for some people, but not me.

It is not linear - at least to my nose - and does have good silliage and great longevity. But instead of being a floral-chypre-nouveau alluding to the beauty and enchantments of the Turquoise Trail of New Mexico it simply resonates as being cooped up in a dimly lit cabin with a simmering pot of spiced-vanilla potpourri. If someone is looking for a sophisticated vanilla-amber this might just be the scent.
12th April, 2013
I do not know how but this scent embodies the cool earthiness that is turquoise. I was most determined to figure out how the “scent” of turquoise was encapsulated. After a few days of wear it became apparent that it is not so much “turquoise” I smelled but the elements we associate with turquoise: the desert (the cactus flower), a smooth, cool surface (lily-of-the-valley and lily), vibrancy of color (pungent Bulgarian rose), weight of the stone (velvety bourbon vanilla and a rich dark rum) and the desert outposts of the American Southwest where turquoise is so often sold (anyone who has ever had the experience of being in one of these shops is familiar with the mix of incense, wood, and a dense earthy aroma, here represented as amber, birch, and patchouli, respectively). There are so few fragrances that have the genuine capability to transport the wearer to another place. Pure Turquoise is unique in its ability to transport its wearer to the American Southwest.

Oh Annie, you genius, you have done it again! It is fragrances such as Pure Turquoise which confirm Ms. Buzantian a legend. This is a signature Buzantian creation—the fragrance teeters between bizarre and beautiful, while causing the wearer to obsessively sniff his/her wrist. The scent is bold but not overpowering, sweet but not saccharine, desertic but not dry or dusty. The sillage is perfect as it does not overwhelm but it does leave a subtle impression. Pure Turquoise is satisfyingly long lasting and the drydown process is a slow, lingering delight, giving its wearer a chance to enjoy its every note and transformation. It is typical Buzantian genius.
10th December, 2011
I expected Pure Turquoise to be rather aquatic and crisp for some reason, however I'd describe this fragrance as being more of a delicate and fresh bouquet of flowers.

Pure Turquoise is surprisingly pretty and feminine. The lily is the obvious dominant floral in the composition, however unique additives of cactus, birch, rum and cassia, keep this fragrance from becoming too predictable.

This fragrance has a delightful softness which makes it ideal for wear in the warmer months. In a way, Pure Turquoise is a softer and fresher version of Donna Karan's Gold.

It's a pity that Ralph Lauren has decided to discontinue this fragrance. At the moment I'm finding this fragrance being sold rather cheaply, sometimes unboxed. I actually prefer this fragrance over many of Ralph Lauren's other offerings.

I particularly enjoyed the muskiness and the earthiness from the patchouli in the drydown. I can't understand why some people are questioning whether or not Pure Turquoise is a floral chypre. To my nose it certainly is.

The lasting strength is rather good, however the sillage, particularly after a few hours is very weak, intimate in some ways. I may consider purchasing this fragrance just before Summer starts this year, however I still haven't made up my mind.

30th June, 2011
I Love the sweet scent of cactus bathing in the southwestern sun
the pure blue skies it's like your going on a journey though the caves
from the lost tribes of the southwest
you discoved different colored mineals on the caves and your watching the Navajo women weaving there famous quilts and you ride your horse though the desert that leads you to no where i just love this frangrance.
12th December, 2010
koki2 Show all reviews
United States
I love this scent and can wear it almost anytime. It reminds me of the old (ancient) Revlon Aquamarine fragrance from the '60s and '70s, not to be confused with whatever is selling under that name today. On me it has big sillage and long lasting power so I need to be careful not to overspray. It's got a place on my shelf right next to my Lutens, Chanels and Montales.
01st November, 2010

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