Idole de Lubin (2005)
    by Lubin

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    Lubin's 466th fragrance, and it's first of the 21st century.

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Boozy, kinda peaty

    If a book may be judged by its cover, Idole de Lubin would have been an exotic powerhouse worthy of worship. Instead I find it to be mostly a rather soft-spoken blend of booze-soaked woods, sun-baked peats and a salty hint of leather. An evocative scent, no doubt. One describing a gathering of tribesmen smoking pipes and airing out their wet leather sandals by the fire? Or of a fraternity beach party, with spilled booze, smoked weed and slippery thongs? While the bottle cap seems convinced of which version to sell me, the actual scent dithers.

    Pros: Evocative
    Cons: Yucks!"

    13 September, 2013

    Mick_Trick's avatar
    Ireland Ireland

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    Escape to Zanzibar

    First of all, respect for the bottle, love the Massai ebony style mask and shaped/surfaced bottle, just stunning presentation.

    Idole opens with a rum, berry and dry spice accord. It's heady but with a transparent quality that reminds me of Duchafour's treatment of Jubiliation XXV. There is a resinous note that I read as opoponax, that lends the body a creamy warmth along with the saffron. The composition perfectly captures the east African island imagery. I see this as no way dark, but representing the sunset/dusk time, just when people are lighting bonfires on the beach. I also detect some smokey campfire notes during the heart of the fragrance which help with the imagery (perhaps the ebony note as listed). The sweetness of the sugarcane is also most apparent during the heart, as opoponax dries off. I experience a little very soft and balmy leather during the drydown.

    Settles to a skin scent on me after around 4 hours and longevity can still sniff on arm after 8 hours - but it's no powerhouse for sure.

    What a trip though, a beautiful fragrant experience and very evocative with lots of imagery of exotic locals, in this Olivia Giacobetti has fulfilled the brief with flair. I really like this one and am proud to add it to my collection. Great stuff.

    Pros: Evocative of the exotic
    Cons: Longevity"

    07 August, 2013

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    A creative strong statement

    A boozy rum and spice opening is given a twist with a strong saffron note. The drydown has a green raisinous sweetness developing into a wood note that is amplified by a nice amber scent. It is an elegant composition that is well blended, but never develops its full potential on my skin. Decent projection and over four hour of longevity, I find the EdP much more satisfying in my case. Nice, outside the square.

    26 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Very boozy scent with a nice sandalwood base. I get a blast of rum and sugar cane in the opening and they both stick around through most of the scent's life. I can kind of get a hint of orange but it isn't dominate enough to be noticeable. The only problem I have with the scent is it's spotty longevity and projection. I can't tell if it's because of olfactory fatigue but sometimes this fragrance just doesn't perform for me. So to sum it up, great boozy scent but lacking in consistent performance.


    21st March, 2013

    Unifex's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I tested the modern EDT.

    Immediate notes of rum, ice cream and vanilla. It's lovely - if you're into gourmand. It fades on me to a skin-close, warm leather. It also gave me a sore throat and itchy eyes. Oh dear. That would be the cloves and cinnamon - which are very present in the middle. They definitely dovetail nicely into the overall fragrance but the midnotes are so heavy for me that I'm wheezing as I type.

    I liked the idea of it and the notes were harmonious, but unfortunately too sweet and allergenic for me. I would have liked to wear it more.

    13 February, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Can light be dark? Oh yes. The light that is so distictive of Olivia Giacobetti's creations is here dark, brown or black, but is still luminous! Idole is another lovely creation of the splendid woman who Olivia Giacobetti is. A happy encounter of spice and wood with brightness. Perfect worn along with an african pareo. Beautiful the african mask on the bottle.

    28 November, 2012

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