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Gendarme Green (2005)
by Gendarme


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Gendarme Green

Gendarme Green is a masculine fragrance by Gendarme. The scent was launched in 2005

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Reviews of Gendarme Green

Well, if there is a "green" scent sooner or later I will find it and try it.
I'm disappointed in this. I didn't have high expectations but still was underwhelmed. It is not oppressively sweet (thank goodness) and it does have herbal-basil notes in the opening. It quickly developed what (to my nose) was a cheap, synthetic, detergenty character.
25th November, 2011
This stuff smells like Prell shampoo and that's a good thing.
It's a comforting scent and almost universally liked.
I get no Basil notes at all. If you have a good imagination you can smell Cucumber and some mild spices (white pepper?, Cardamon?)
Got a handful of Gendarme samples and this is the only one I'm buying.
17th March, 2011
To me, Green is the most impressive of their line, and one of the stronger ones. It smells like an extravagantly expensive remake of a carpet-refresher spray that I own and love. This green is a somewhat bluish has some tart, almost spicy florals (I'd venture honeysuckle but I'm really bad with florals), so don't expect a grassy, vetivery green. The effect is creamy, otherwordly (for a men's scent!) and intensely sensual when you sniff closely and think about it, but when smelled casually from a normal distance the florals don't stick out as being heavy or feminine, merely a bit unisex like fabric softener. This unobtrusive floral component is the true strength of the Gendarme line, and I almost feel like Green beats the original at its own game. The closest analogs to this aspect of Green that I can think of are Richard James "Savile Row" which replaces the lush fruitiness with some vanilla, and d'Orsay Le Dandy which replaces it with heavier fruit and boozy wood. Gendarme Green is an excellent summery counterpoint to these two scents. My main gripe with Green is the bottle size; it only comes in a monstrous 6 oz metal can. Not that it's particularly expensive per ounce, but I would be very hesitant to buy anything that big and then find I've grown to like it less. Still, this is one of the few cases where I may just bite the bullet!
13th June, 2010
A light herbal green scent with a twist towards classic cologne style fragrances like Guerlains' Eau Imperiale or Penhaligons' Castile (especially it the citrusy topnote) - but so much more up to date!

What I do not like about it is its is availablility in a rather ugly and impractical 6 oz.(!) aluminium bottle. I will probably have to pass it to my heirs.
05th June, 2009
This is easily my favorite among my collection of Gendarme products (I always have at least one bottle of each of the scents from gendarme's catalog). Everything about it trumps the rest: good longevity, good sillage, additional dimensions to an otherwise awesome product. This is an EDP, and is only available in a six oz aluminum spray bottle; I have yet to see it available on ebay- must be found at retailer or official website. To call this a "green" scent is to not do it justice; the green term conjures images of Davidoff Good Life or something. For those who like Gendarme's take on "clean", this is recommended.
07th December, 2008
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United States
Very underrated scent. A shame that Green doesnt get much play on here, certainly deserves it. Well worth it's price tag, too. As far as "Green" scents go, this is up there with the best of them. Has that unmistakable Gendarme feel to it, especially on the drydown, but the top and heart is where it really shines. The cucumber, basil, and spice work so well together, and the lasting power is a complete surprise. Unlike others in the Gendarme line, it differs enough to warrant purchasing even if you have the original. If you dont, then just get Green and call it a day.
07th November, 2008 (last edited: 09th March, 2010)

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