Velvet Rope (2005)
    by Apothia

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    Velvet Rope information

    Velvet Rope is a women's fragrance by Apothia. The scent was launched in 2005

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    Weird mentholated eucalyptus that smells quite a bit like Carmex lip balm mixed with hyper-sweet fake fruit over a pink pepper/patchouli/marshmallow base. It really clashes badly for an hour or two before settling into something that smells like a mix of original "plain" chapstick and cherry chapstick.

    I see what this is trying for - attempting to use the minty woods to lend depth to a sweet fruity floral, but the end result smells like a mess to me. That being said, Velvet Rope has a quirky "manic pixie" quality (like a cute weird girl in a movie) that I could imagine would be appealing to some. But alas, not me...

    14th June, 2014

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    Velvet Rope is interesting. It's not unpleasant, but on me it becomes sickly sweet. At first it smells like a Gin & Tonic that somebody spiked with vanilla liqueur and topped off with a few mint springs. After about an hour it smells like a whiff of cold air when you're skiing while chewing peppermint gum, and wearing cherry chapstick on your lips. Then it smells Juicy-Fruit gummy and musky-sweet, and very slightly powdery. I don't get any tobacco, smoke, or sex from this one. It's a fruity-vanilla musk with an initial unusual note that smells minty. This fragrance is okay, but I get tired of it really quickly on my skin. It loses its initial spark in the way the gum loses its initial flavor, and then just tastes sweet.

    18th March, 2007

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    Color me weird - I loved this mixed-up frag. Got a half-filled sample from Apothia and used it all up in one fell swoop. First I got a burst of grapefruit with a green rosiness that quickly segued into a creamy and sophisticated vanilla musk with a hint of - yes - tobacco, and that sweaty, "private parts" smell that turns some people off with the grapefruit still hanging in there.

    01st February, 2007

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    top: grapefruit, juniper berry

    mid: green rose, jasmine absolute, cypress leaves

    base: vanilla absolute, white musk, patchouli, (one place also mentioned tobacco)

    This fragrance strikes me as a choker and a scrubber. The grapefruit top clashes with the vanilla right away, like lemon juice curdles milk. The florals are not noticable. The evergreen notes continue after the grapefruit fades to clash with the base throughout the miserable drydown. I guess this is the effect they were after, how could it be an accident??
    It is not sweet, not warm. But I can't say its dry and cool, either. Wet and sour, stale cigarette butt sums it up on my skin. Just the most horrible thing I've tested in the last year.
    It's unisex, so I tried to cut it some slack and imagine it on a sexy, hip guy and it didn't help it. Eventually I tried to fantasize I was seated next to Johnny Depp, I still cringed. OMFG, my fantasy said, Johnny stinks bad.

    26th January, 2006

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