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Tumulte pour Homme (2005)
by Christian Lacroix


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Lacroix
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Tumulte pour Homme

Tumulte pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Christian Lacroix. The scent was launched in 2005

Tumulte pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Tumulte pour Homme

One of the best woody scents ,specially cedarwood.
It's a cedar base juice and you can find vast kind of cedars:texas cedar .chinese cedar .virginia and ... .
It has sort of creamy little sweet woody it so much.
01st February, 2018
Still a mistery to me how can someone name “Tumulte” such a peaceful, quietly refined “zen” harmony of ultra-sharp bright woods and spices. Tumulte pour Homme sits exactly halfway Comme des Garçons Kyoto and Gucci Rush for Men, tending more towards the latter; a bit less sophisticated and less “creamy” (and just less unique), more breezy and colder than Rush, but still a bit softer and warmer than Kyoto, also more natural-smelling than that. I’d throw in also Carven Homme since I think I get a slightly similar floral sandalwood note here, although the atmosphere here is decidedly colder and sharper than in Carven, and way less complex.

So if you are familiar with those names, you can already easily and pretty precisely imagine how this smells; if you aren’t, then simply think of a smooth, balsamic, sort of futuristic-aloof and really clean cedar-sandalwood scent with some fresh edgy spices (juniper and pepper), a hint of citrus, a really subtle powdery feel and an elegantly lunar and weightless atmosphere. In the same league of dozens of similar designers, but quite above most of them quality-wise, and closer to the very best of these post-2000s “white woodies” – Rush Men, a couple of Comme des Garçons and so on, as mentioned above. By “quality” I mean here mostly the depth and the vibrancy; the few notes smell rich and uplifting, blended in a really effortless and harmonic way, there’s really no cheap nuances (as in many similar, yet inferior scents – think of Azzaro Visit; that’s a clean woody scent, by the way similar to Rush and Tumulte, but with a quite evident cheaper vibe).

Probably a bit redundant if you already own some of the scents I mentioned, especially the best of them (Rush Men), but still a really nice, sophisticated sharp gem of square cut woods. Don’t get fooled by the unrelated, inexplicably horrid packaging and bottle.

31st October, 2015
A well refined, fresh, spicy frag. However not my cup of tea whatsoever. Diptyque Oyedo, Timbuktu, Guerlain Boisee and now Tumult - that line or better yet type of fragrances just don't sit well with me. Tumult is a powerful name, however a scent of a sad reminiscence of the past times.Woody notes are prominent, plum note is quite generous and I'm really a plum note fan in general. Tumult is more modern approach to this particular style of fragrances, so to me it is not in the thumb down zone like the former mentioned. I might in fact occasionally see myself wearing this fragrance, but too occasionally to own a full bottle.

(tried 01.06.2014.)
02nd June, 2014
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Really, really fun fragrance. Rich classic "male" notes mingle with the more modern trend toward green and sweet fragrances for men. Opens with an herbal/floral quality that evokes grass, rain, and a bit of juniper and/or lily. This evolves quickly to a warm patchouli that isn't so much smoky as it is muddled and muted. The heart of this fragrance is really a cedar quality softened by the green notes. Tumulte pour Homme is just a little unique and reassuringly familiar. A great fragrance for the middle-of-life man who works and plays in broad spectrum social environs. Light enough for day. Bold enough for night. Fun, not serious and sometimes that is attractive.
23rd April, 2013
Yes, somewhere between Gucci Rush for Men and Kyoto. Cedarwood galore with soft balmy-incensey undertones and a funny twist provided by a gin-like quality during the opening. Unpretentious, modern and inoffensive yet not dull. Very reasonably priced (if not cheap) and absolutely delightful. A little gem.

25th December, 2012
sfmedusa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Tumulte pourHomme has taught me one thing, and that thing is that a cedar scented mallet gives me a headache and makes me feel ill.

I blind bought this for my partner. His job involves personal care and working in very close quarters with other people, so it's important that he smells nice even at the end of a 14 hour day, so he uses scent every day and reapplies during the day too. I buy him a selection of mid-range scents so that this is achieved, and on first smelling I thought that TPH was an interesting and stimulating departure from the pretty standard citrus and/or vanilla scents which are around for men.

My interest in this frag lasted about half an hour, right until the headache started. From that moment on any time I walked into his presence when he was wearing it, the headache started back up again.

He went from 3 or 4 sprays down to 2 and then to 1, but it made no difference. He likes it and consequently it has not been thrown away, but if he ever wears it in my presence again he knows that I will.
22nd September, 2012

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