Fleur d'Oranger (2005)
    by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    • Launched: 2005
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production : Limited Edition
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 4

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    Fleur d'Oranger information

    Fleur d'Oranger is a unisex fragrance by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The scent was launched in 2005

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    On Gathering Orange Blossoms

    This is what I've been looking for, and why I became interested in fragrance in the first place.

    It's a funny story actually. Well maybe not funny, but I'm sure not many have come to love a fragrance by way of a punch bowl.

    Here in NYC, there's a restaurant that started out as a speakeasy, called Cienfuegos, that required navigating through a Cuban sandwich shop up a hidden set of stairs to a gilded room. The gimmick was that they served drinks in silver plated punch bowls, accompanied by small flower-shaped glasses with dainty handles. The perfect place for my bachelorette party.

    One of the drinks served that night was a concoction called an Isle of Manhattan Fizz. It consisted of rum and gin and pineapple and coconut and something else that made it less like Club Med in the Caribbean and more like drinking perfume. It was orange blossom water.

    I found the recipe for the drink online, bought a bottle of orange blossom water at Kalustyan's, and I was hooked. I realized the reason I loved Morrocanoil hair treatment, and why I loved white floral perfume - it was orange blossoms. I bought a bottle of neroli essential oil at the health food store, added it to some sweet almond oil, and to this day cover myself in the stuff after every shower.

    Then I started sampling petitgrain. And the oil of the bitter orange. And I thought - all the notes are there! The wood, the floral, the green, the citrus - one could make a perfume out of the gifts of the bitter orange tree. I found said fragrance in Fleur d'Oranger, and then found out it was made in limited quantities and would cost me my first-born child and the help of Holmes and Watson to procure a bottle. Of course.

    So I hunted down a 3ml sample of the 2005 vintage, and heaven was mine. It was everything I wanted - the heady floral, the creamy white petals, the minute indoles, the softness, the light citrus, the wood and green leaves of the tree. That something that hits me right in the limbic system and makes me feel like a goddess and a queen and a wood nymph, simultaneously. I want to bathe in a dilution of it like Marilyn Monroe bathed in champagne.

    I'm gushing, but this is coming from someone who has an unabashed love of orange blossoms. Perhaps I should be more embarrassed, less enthusiastic. But finding one's scent soul mate is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

    Of course, she has to be hard to get.

    Pros: All the orange tree has to offer
    Cons: Rarity and expense"

    22nd July, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    I submit here my review about Al Oudh from this brand while waiting (and it's long time i've been doing it) for the upcoming special space on the directory, really sorry.

    Typical Duchaufour's creation, spicy and incensey in execution with a leathery and animalistic substance, an orangy-rosey touch and traces of final resinous temperament. Orientalistic. The dosage of aoud in here is anyway less impressive and more attenuated and subtle than in several creations from Montale, Bond or Nasomatto for instance and is blended in low amount with a concert of (spicy, earthy, animalic, liturgical) elements in the way the scent comes out subtle and complex without a strong and powerful sillage. This fragrance is oriental and mystic in perception even if in my opinion it does't reach the "holy" levels of the spiritual Dzongkha. Al Oudh starts very spicy with a strong presence of black-rose pepper, cumin and cinnamon. This prickly molecular dust gradually introduces a leathery base with animalic traits from (minimally appointed) civet-castoreum and with the hallmarking support from neroli and rose. The latter are perceivable many hours over the first spray when the dust is in part tamed and the basic resinous smoothness is playing its role. The base is all smoked woods and incense with a touch of "sticky" myrrh and soothing vanilla. The note of incense is with neroli, resins and rose the key element because its echo spreads the reflection since the beginning. The final issue is a refined and aristocratic, dry incense-orange with prickly and creamy nuances, ideal for a proud insight in the bon-ton and culture ambiences.

    12th June, 2011 (Last Edited: 22nd July, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    The opening is a quite nice and natural orange blossom. Perhaps a sweet orange blossom since I like bitter blossom better. Too feminine for me to ever wear--clearly out of unisex territory for me. Like I say the opening is a natural blossom but it is mottled by a synthetic tuberose and some other white flowers. Not my thing. I'd try C & S Neroli first.

    11th December, 2010

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    probably my favorite orange blossom scent. much more natural than TF's Neroli Portofino, not as girly as SL's Fd'O. Beautifully structured and very unisex.

    16th July, 2009

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    (Please note that L'Artisan re-released this fragrance in 2007. From what I've heard, the 2005 and 2007 aren't that different, but be aware that I'm talking about the 2007 version.)
    I am completely in love with this fragrance. I've been searching for the perfect orange-blossom fragrance for summer, and this is it, no contest. It starts out with a sharp, almost acrid green, like a flower that's just about to burst into bloom. But on me the green only lasted a moment, and then the orange blossom was in bloom. It's a lovely dry orange blossom, not overly sweet, and it absolutely doesn't smell like bathroom cleaner or wood polish. In just another couple of moments, the honey and beeswax notes come forward. They complement the orange blossom just beautifully, and overall the fragrance evokes a sunny orange orchard bordered with honeysuckle... except it's not quite as floral-sweet as honeysuckle would be. The dry-down is not as orange-y and the honey dims, too, but it's still just beautiful. I have to reapply it every few hours, and like most L'Artisan fragrances, the sillage is not AT ALL overpowering.
    Perhaps the best compliment I can give it is that my boyfriend keeps coming back to sniff me. :)

    03rd July, 2009

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    i got some bergamot and neroli oil from a guy who makes his own oil blends and they smell just like this. So my mind was not blown but I do love this scent. This is what real stuff smells like. Precious and temporary. It doesn't really stick around long enough to be a fragrance unfortunately, more of a 300$ aromatherapy pick me up. ouch. Get a sample for rainy days.

    14th April, 2009

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