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Fleur de Narcisse (2006)
by L'Artisan Parfumeur


Fleur de Narcisse information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

HouseL'Artisan Parfumeur
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchFox Paine & Company > Cradle Holdings

About Fleur de Narcisse

Made using the harvest of narcissus from Lozère (South of France) on the 6th and 7th June 2005.

Fleur de Narcisse fragrance notes

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Reviews of Fleur de Narcisse

The utterly weird top notes are bitter and green, with very sharp, acidic overtones that verge on distilled vinegar. The vinegary top takes its time settling down as the narcissus makes its quiet and much-delayed entrance. Up to this point there is nothing particularly floral or even attractive about Fleur de Narcisse. It's more disturbing, in the vein of Serge Lutens's or Comme des Garcons' more outre compositions.

It's more than a half an hour before the narcissus note is fully recognizable, and even then it does not stand at center stage. The intense green and sour vinegar notes hang on, although in blunted form, for over an hour. This is too long for me, especially because I barely get the leather base note that makes Fleur de Narcisse sound so intriguing on paper. When the vinegar finally disperses I'm left with a pleasant enough white flower fragrance, but nothing that I'd endure the unpleasant top notes (or spend $300) for.
14th June, 2014
Having read mixed reviews on this, I really like it. I have a wood-burning stove in my loft, so many people say I always smell like incense. Therefore, cool and aquatic scents don't work out on my skin that already smells buttery. Violet and narcissus are my two favorite flowers. This one smells great on me, and it has greater longevity than many L'Artisan perfumes. There is a leathery, sweaty smell, but it's gorgeous.
23rd February, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
What a disappointment to me. For the mega bucks they want for this , it should at least have something unique about it or perhaps a little oomph. The top notes are ...nothing much - greeny floral- ish ,weak and well...there is not too much to say ......generic floral watery delicate fragrance. Complete anti - climax. Not One of those perfumes that I regret even buying a sample of .
23rd April, 2010
How many Fleur de Narcissus are there? i mean do we all smell the same thing? I smell a rich bold narcissus scent, which has many other tuberoses like hyacints, jonquil in and very shy creamy gardenia with some honeysuckle, just a bit immortale flowers... it is multifacetted, rich, bold, poised just enchanting. reminds me of tubereuse coutre but this s more colorful, polyphonic... that is absolutely too floral for spice lovers and too heavy for fresh lovers and hard to carry for young sporty ones. This is not everyones scent but fabulous. Nowadays i am artracted to all these tuberous flowers and narcissuse are my favorite. I have been carrying a SJP Dawn in my bag for the less than half of the Fleur de Narcissus brings in through.
18th October, 2009
Maybe it's a skin chemistry thing, but this seemed to have gone into my writs and totally disappeared. I literally smelled nothing after applying more than a few drops on each wrist from the sample I'd ordered.I can't comment on something I can't smell. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had this experience with Fleur de Narcisse.
01st August, 2009
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United States
Admittedly, the opening is as wobbly and uncertain as Captain Jack Sparrow after a tankard or two. In a few minutes, the fragrance finds its direction and, strangely, that direction seems to be toward the tobacco shop, not the florist's. I'm familiar with the scent of narcissus in bloom, and CB I Hate Perfume M1 Narcissus is one successful rendition of that flower. L'Artisan's FdN is successful in being very pleasant, in a mild, non-smokey tobacco sort of way. I wouldn't mind having a decant of this because it's quite wearable and special (thumbs up), although a lot weaker than I'd like, however, as a floral, it has not met its label (so neutral thumb verdict).
06th January, 2009

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