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Voyage (2006)
by Nautica


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMaurice Roucel
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Voyage

Voyage is a masculine fragrance by Nautica. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel

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Reviews of Voyage

I so wish Calvin Klein had not introduced the "acquatic" scent to perfumery. CK1 was "different," distinctive but not very good. Now there are a million acquatic scents out there and they all smell alike.

Melon and harsh, reedy wood notes (artemesia?) blend to form a scent reeking of chemical synthetics. It quickly becomes cloying and is always unpleasant. Yet, companies keep making them and people keep buying them.

Why Turin would give it four stars baffles me, but the description of it he gives, a "floral masculine," is equally non sequitor.

If you like this sort of thing, this is indistinguishable from any other acquatic, but at any price, this is just bad stuff.
04th October, 2015
After reading very positive reviews on Voyage I blind buy one large bottle.

Big disappointment from Maurice Roucel that I consider as the best nose with many big hits.

Aquatic? yes
Salty? Yes
Longevity? Yes
Sillage? Yes
Safe scent? Yes

Almost the same drydown as Hugo by Hugo Boss.

But so much synthetic, boring and linear scent. Where are the fruits in It?

Bad 3/10
15th August, 2015

Purchased a bottle of Voyage blind online for $17 and am very pleased indeed. The opening is a tart melon and apple, but it's not the overpoweringly sweet style of many designer aquatics. The opening lasts about 15 minutes and then fades to the background of an excellently composed lavender/floral. The base seems to be a soft cedar or oakmoss that provides a good 6 hours longevity. IMO, what Nautica does right with Voyage is choosing clean notes that compliment one another and work together. I'm tempted to draw comparisons with several much more expensive designer aquatics, however I believe that for this price, why quibble with comparisons? Pick up a bottle, you won't be disappointed or broke.
10th April, 2015 (last edited: 11th April, 2015)
Based on many threads singling this one out as one of the exceptional values in fragrance, I bought a bottle and gave it a thorough test drive. I had previously experienced Nautica Blue, a complete disaster, and Nautica Oceans, a very pleasant aquatic but a joke in terms of longevity and sillage, so I was skeptical.

Initially, Voyage lives up to the hype. There is a bracing tart apple scent that is original and smells plausibly real. There is a hint of salty ocean breeze, but just a hint, working with the apple. The two notes do not really blend so much as co-exist. Gradually, a darker, lusher lotus floral note appears with the green apple. This is by far the best part of the scent, occurring about 15mins from initial application. Sadly, though, this stage is very short. The shortness of the floral phase is hardly surprising, especially at this price point.

Things evolve to a conventional cedar/amber/oak moss accord, but with a nifty ocean vibe to it. While many aquatics play up clean and fresh notes, this one dares to be a little it dirty and earthy with the oak moss (or more likely, some equivalent-ish chemical concoction). I like the slight animalic quality. While there is an ocean vibe, it's not really very prominent and it dissipates rapidly, leaving only the more basic set of standard male frag notes to do the bulk of the work.

The frag is not very powerful or long-lasting. It's a skin scent after an hour and, on me at least, gone completely in 4 hours. Maybe that's to be expected from an aquatic, but I had hoped for more, given some of the quotes about it being a "beast" in this regard.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with this fragrance. It has some high notes, but lacks the "hook" of a really compelling fragrance. It's just kind of meh. Worse yet, I got this in part to please my wife, who dislikes my choice of complex frags like Bulgari Black, preferring aquatics instead. I had really hoped that, even if I thought it was a bit dull, I'd score spousal points for the choice. But no. Her reaction, and I'm quoting, "It's completely meh."

Compared to things like Encre Noire, Bulgari Black, or many others that can be had for around $25, I don't think this offers exceptional value at all. Indeed, I wouldn't rate it much, if at all, above Curve, which is about the same price. Thumbs middle for a few high notes, but nowhere near a thumbs up, even at the cheap price of around $10 I paid for it.
11th January, 2015
Does it smell good? Ya
Does it last long? Ya
Does its price tag justify a purchase? Ya
Is it high quality? Ya

The typical things I look for in a fragrance, and it passes in everything, yet for some reason I just can't wear Nautica Voyage. I've tried over & over, and I just can't stand something about it. It has like this fruity vibe that reminds me of jelly, that's just too potent of a fruity note to wear. I wish it were lighter, not in projection and longevity, but in scent itself. I'm almost tempted to give it a thumbs down, but I do enjoy smelling it in the air, or on others, just not on myself.
18th December, 2014
This reminds of CK One, CK Euphoria Men, and Chrome Azzaro, and it might be my favorite of the four. There's no CK One in the house at the moment to compare. Chrome Azzaro doesn't work for me, but this Nautica Voyage and the CK scents work great for me This would make a good signature scent, but for me it's one for the rotation for a scent that makes me feels younger. I now have this and CK Euphoria Men, and I really don't need both. They're just small bottles though, so there should be enough days to make use of all this good juice.

Coming back to this review after several more wearings: The longevity is very good I've now realized. I've had this last over 24 hours. Other fragrances that linger for a long time can be annoying, but this one smells better and better to me.
20th October, 2014 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

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