Impérial Opoponax
    by Les Néréides

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    I agree, the quality of this fragrance is top notch. It has a real Shalimar vibe to it as well. I love the citrus elements! It's lovely, spicy, heady and utterly breath taking. Literally, takes the breath out of my lungs and makes me lightheaded...I cannot wear it. It's so dense and overwhelming, I wish for something to balance the opoponax and other resins. I don't think I've ever used "cloying" in a review before, here, it totally fits. I admire anyone who can pull this off and breath at the same time!

    18 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 08 March, 2014)

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Good quality candied orange peel with a slight hum of sweet herbals. Teeters on the brink of being overly sweet, but as there's nothing cloying in the composition, it pulls back. Admirable persistence.

    18 June, 2012

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    Finland Finland

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    Interesting how diverse opinions this one has received. I especially find it interesting that, not just T. Sanchez (The Guide), but also some others in the forums have considered this more sweet fougere than a opoponax laden oriental, which is another popular opinion.

    To me, IO smells basically just like Givenchy's Pi's *shower gel* mixed with dash of good quality powder, benzoin obviously being a starring ingridient.
    IO is very sweet, warm and powdery, leaning towards feminine side. Chaps can easily pull this one off too though, just remember not to spray 10 litres in your neck at once. (Well, that goes for ladies as well - 10 litres is just a bit too much)

    Superb lasting power on this cozy perfume. It comes recommended especially for YOU, who likes the smell of that Pi (EdT), but finds it perhaps too sweet, strong or commonly used and wants an "refined" niche alternative. I rush you to get this one instead.

    07 April, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Many people like this perfume, so I know I’m swimming upstream here, but this is one unappealing perfume. I think it strives for harmony, but winds up feeling like motion-sickness. Lavender and amber are like their own one-material harmonies. They generally form pleasing accords so easily. And opoponax is one of the more appealing botanicals, rich but jagged, strikingly handsome.

    Combined in this perfume, they form a cloying mix that sticks to the back of my throat like sick. Reminds me that individually beautiful elements can be used to make a mess.

    19 March, 2011 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2012)

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    What foetidus & tvlampboy said.

    l will only add that l think this warm, sumptuous fragrance is easily unisex, & very reminiscent of Shalimar with that combination of bergamot & vanilla. Great value & highly recommended.

    10th February, 2011

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    An opening of wonderful opoponax that quickly dissipates. What follows is a sweet and spicy arange creamsicle scent that is pretty vile and almost makes it unwearable. The drydown bounces the scent back from nauseating though. A rich, warm, resinous vanilla. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to save the scent completely.

    07 July, 2010

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