Royal Aoud
    by Montale

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    Royal Aoud Fragrance notes

    Oud, Kumquat, Grapefruit, Andira Wood, Spices

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    Royal Aoud is a unisex fragrance by Montale.

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    Genre: Woods

    Of the Montales I've tried so far (Aoud Ambre, Attar, Royal Aoud, Black Aoud, Aoud Lime, and Steam Aoud) Royal Aoud is the only one that goes on positively understated. In fact, it makes the others seem downright histrionic in their entrances. It also strikes me as both the most complex and the least direct of the lot.

    This scent has a powdery-sweet foundation that tempers the medicinal and astringent aspects of the oudh. The listed fruit and citrus notes are very coy at first, but surface more completely during the development, where they serve to round out the heady note of rose. Eventually, a vanilla/tonka bean note slides in to add a bit of extra sweetness.

    The oudh and the rose retreat during the drydown, leaving a pleasant, but not all that distinguished powdery-woody accord. On my skin, Royal Aoud does not have the stupendous (24 hr) tenacity of Black Aoud, but its development is not so glacially slow, either. (Black Aoud's drydown is so slow and extended that I didn't even realize it was happening the first few times I wore the stuff.)

    Among the Montale's I see Royal Aoud, Black Aoud, and Attar as quite closely related, though differing in general character. Black Aoud, which is my current favorite, is bold, brash, maybe even brutal, in its directness and simplicity. (Imagine that! A "brutal" rose. Now there's a good name for a scent.)

    Attar seems the sweetest of the three, with some mysterious accords and a drydown that goes in its own direction. I find Royal Aoud the easiest to wear of the three, as well as the "prettiest". Funny though: it's relative sophistication blunts it in comparison with its siblings, leaving it the most conventional of the three, and because of that, less distinguished. I prefer the olfactory challenge of Black Aoud.

    01st July, 2014

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    OK, now I know what oud really smells like. I see the band-aid/medicinal thing . The rose note is subdued which is a plus for me. I'm not sure I get the citrus people have mentioned. Lasts long, projects well but oud is definitely not for everyone. Not too thrilled myself.
    Edit- After a full day's wear, I can say that this stuff is dreadful. Smells awful. The wife didn't like it either. I don't think that most people will enjoy this one. I don't know what it is but I'm wondering what they mean by "spices". The band-aid smell never really goes away and, unfortunately, this fragrance lasts forever like most Montales. I'm going to have a hard time finishing the sample.

    19 May, 2014 (Last Edited: 09 June, 2014)

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    This one is a really good one from this house.
    The opening is extremely dark, almost smoky oud note with some tart fruity aspect in it but oud is the major note..
    Royal Aoud has a lot of oud in it and it's extremely dark and smoky but it's not medicinal like "Dark Aoud"
    There is some floral notes and some sweetness as well.
    As time goes by the scent didn't change that much.
    Only oud note settled down and you will get more sweetness and more floral notes.
    Both projection and longevity is awesome.

    10th December, 2013

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    Like others have said, citrus with oud. Really like this one. One I believe can be worn all seasons.

    24 March, 2013

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    this is very masculine oud- woody scent, and one that transforms a lot with time

    it starts very lemony, zesty refreshing, so that you think there is no oud in here, after an hour or more.....the citrus freshenes is gone and what stays is a little bit of medicinal and little bit barny oud note....that reminds me the most of Cuir d Arabie, there is some sharpness overall that comes from spices ......but i smell no roses at all, there was a little hint after 30 minutes that rose will apear...but it ended up in spices!

    for lovers of nicely balanced spices, longevity is remarkable!!

    i give it thumbs up for originality and performance :)

    21st March, 2013 (Last Edited: 22 March, 2013)

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    An excellent Montale fragrance. Understated, bright clean opening of citrus and medicinal aoud, that quickly blossoms into an airy and very beautiful dusty rose and aoud combination that smells a lot like Band-Aids. I really enjoy it. Be careful when you spray it, the opening is deceptively quiet for a Montale. It takes about five minutes to develop, and when it does it is very powerful with strong silage and tremendous longevity. I get 12-15 hours with this one, and much much longer if it gets on my clothing. Two sprays are enough for most situations.

    The dry down is a beautiful soft, dusty rose and medicinal aoud. This one is the most medicinal smelling of any Montale fragrance that I have owned. It really does smell like Band Aids for the first two or three hours. The aoud dies down a bit after five or six hours and you are left with a gorgeous, soft rose.

    Comparisons to Montale's Taj are not well-founded. While both are powerful and have a strong Aoud presence, Taj is dark, heavy, and dirty, and smells of ground tobacco leaves and leather, while Royal Aoud is bright, happy, and clean and smells of bandaids and roses. I love them both.

    Unlike Taj, Royal Aoud is definitely unisex, and the rose is light and airy - not dark, heavy or dense like the rose in Black Aoud, for example. I'd say, within the Montale line of Aouds, Royal Aoud is the polar opposite of Black Aoud. Quiet, understated, and lovely opening. Light and bright. Soft, dusty rose dry down. As opposed to Black Aoud, which has a raw and forceful opening, deep and dark rose heart, and is deep and mysterious as it dries down. Both smell great. Both are sexy. Both project like crazy and last over a half a day.

    I highly recommend this one. If you don't like dusty rose or you don't like aoud, then this one isn't for you. But, if you are looking on a fresh, happy, clean take on an aoud and rose based fragrance, then this one is will be a very welcome addition to your wardrobe.

    14 June, 2012

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