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Live Luxe (2006)
by Jennifer Lopez


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJennifer Lopez
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Live Luxe

Live Luxe is a feminine perfume by Jennifer Lopez. The scent was launched in 2006

Live Luxe fragrance notes

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Reviews of Live Luxe

A fresh and somewhat sweet fruit bomb! I especially love the mouth-watering pear and peach accord in the top notes. These are two of my favourite fruits.

I am disliking just a little the combination with the florals in the heart and the base notes, but perhaps the top fruit notes proved difficult to mix. I often think that the more attractive and fresh a fragrance's opening, the harder it is to give it more substance as it wears; indeed, perhaps that is the way it should be. I think this fragrance has compensated quite marvellously, though, by giving us a good strong dose of fruit that seems to last quite well.

I like this better than the original Live.
22nd November, 2012
I must review this. As a man, this is not a scent I would wear, as much as I love it. I bought a bottle for a lady friend, and she suddenly shape-shifted into a sex kitten. Just saying. This has the perfect blend of fruit and floral. There is nothing unsexy about this fragrance. It is soft, fruity, and very feminine. Any woman wearing this fragrance will get noticed. My lady friend got more compliments and men drooling than when she wears her usual Aveda Love. I am a big fan of J Lo scents, honestly. She's really got it down when it comes to smelling like a woman. Not so much a fan of Still, or Glow, although they really stand out, to me. Live Luxe has a wonderful bottle... if I rub it, a genie may appear. It's been a few weeks, and every time she wears this, it's coo-coo birds for me.

Ladies: if you want to get noticed, this fragrance will certainly do it.
11th September, 2012
Let me preface this review by mentioning the fact that there is melon in the top notes, though it's not mentioned here. Generally, I don’t take issue with fruity frags—I have some in my collection and I adore them when the mood strikes. I do get frustrated with the genre when it seems an entire industry has run out of ideas, producing scents that seem all too familiar or too sloppy. Live Luxe falls in the ‘sloppy’ category for me, which is a shame since J.Lo fragrances tend to be of a higher caliber in the celebuscents market.

I rarely wear this one and I often forget I own it. I donned it this morning and now I am realizing why it remained unnoticed in my collection. It begins with juicy summer fruits, lending hope and promise of a refreshing warm weather scent. However, minutes later an unsweetened, unripened, and still green melon takes over in a big way. As the day wears on the melon becomes sour and more pronounced, annihilating the presence of any other fruity elements and reducing any florals to near-nothingness. It has been seven hours, and, though it is still going strong, I am left waiting for some kind of a base; the scent has since morphed into the mellowed last strains of a cantaloupe rind.

I can’t help feel like I was promised a summer fruit salad just to have it swapped out from under my nose (pun intended). Fine, take my fresh-cut fruit salad away but don’t replace it with melon rinds! It almost makes for a good spa scent except it’s too bombastic and bitter to induce any kind of calm. I like melon scents but this one completely misses the mark and seems too confused. Look to Bliss or The Body Shop’s Sprit of Moonflower for a far more superior melon scent.
05th July, 2012
As a new member and analyst of perfume, it is still hard for me to learn the lingo. At this stage, I prescribe to my theory of "I like what I like". And as someone who goes into a perfume store and spends hours happily sniffing without confusion, I can truly say I like this one alot. The first time I smelled it, I thought "it smells like ME". Then when I saw it was a JLo product, I said "aw no way.....I have nothing in common w/Jenny from the block". And yet, when I wear it, I always am asked what I am wearing because it works on my chemistry. It may not be for everyone, but if you like a fruity, fresh scent, it may be good for you also. Let me warn you it is strong, and a little does go a long way.
26th July, 2009
I love Jlo, really, so I feel terrible leaving this review. The bottle is gorgeous - but whenever I try to wear this, because it was a gift from my sweetie and I feel obligated, I feel like I spilled apple juice on my clothes, and boy does it last. I actually feel ashamed of how I smell. It's not even my guy's style either, I can only guess it was on sale and that's why he got it for me. JLo I love you, I am so sorry.
19th January, 2009
I never liked J.Lo's previous scents Glow and Still so I assumed that this fragrance would be unappealling, also given that it has Jennifer Lopez's name tagged onto it. When Mum told me the stuff was great I just laughed at her. But I smelled it on her later and asked whats that great perfume? Turned out to be Live Luxe. I was much suprised to find it is a great, fruity floral fragrance, a huge improvement on her other perfumes. Looks like J.Lo finally got it right!
23rd June, 2007

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