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Impact Pour un Homme (2005)
by Caron


Impact Pour un Homme information

Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerRichard Fraysse
Parent CompanyAles Group

About Impact Pour un Homme

A rarity in the commercial fragrance world - a perfume strength fragrance for men. Inspired by the classic Caron Pour Un Homme, Impact contains notes of Lavender, Musk and Amber.

Impact Pour un Homme fragrance notes

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Reviews of Impact Pour un Homme

If you like Pour Un Homme and its slightly caramelized lavender drydown you are spot-on here... I have planned to wear this in combination with the regular splash EdT to amp the quiet drydown a bit up. It certainly will do the job. Exactly the same drydown, but fuller yet elegantly redux like an extrait should wear! A fantastic addition to the great classic!
13th September, 2011
Sort of intense version of Caron Pour Un Homme with less lavender on top and more musk in the base. Not bad at all but I stick with the original version for its freshness and more distinctive personality. Maybe a bit too powdery in the drydown.
24th June, 2011 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)
If you like Caron pour un Homme mainly for the nose-hair singeing lavender intro, then avoid Impact. However, if, like me, you do not care for the astringent initial lavender but love PuH because of its amazing dry-down, then Impact was created for that niche of parfumista. Impact goes straight to the heart and basenotes. The basenotes are, in my opinion, better balanced than in the original, and much longer lasting.

I learned over a while to appreciate and eventually came to like CPuH very much. I loved Impact immediately.
22nd February, 2011
this is pour un homme concentrated- a huge bunch of vanilla and lavender- not more not less! to me nothing outstanding, special or unique.Again a reformulation that fails.The Original of 1954 was great but this is a poor and bad mixture of the ingredients of pour un homme-by the way a really good scent!
10th April, 2009
Not nearly as pleasant to me as the original, and I am not particularly a huge fan of that either.
Here is another fine example of the fact that higher concentration doesn’t always work for perfumes favour.

I miss the more open and nuanced character of the original. Impact is really dense, “tight” and even stuffy. Although the original was already very simple lavender vanilla blend, this one seems to me even simpler. It smells cheap to my nose, unfinished and not compelling by any means. It is just a most simple and not especially well balanced powdery blast of lavender, vanilla, amber and musk. Any development whatsoever and much more importantly, the smell isn’t that classy or characteristic - it is boring and totally pointless.

And believe it or not, I get more lasting power from the original juice, not to mention sillage….
03rd February, 2009
I prefer this to Pour Un Homme. The top notes are toned down and the amber toned up. It is somewhat less vanillic. It is smoother and lacks some of the dirt and acerbic quality of the the original. The sillage is controlled and even. The persistence very good.

I find excellence in the way the base and middle hold the fresh lavender for a long time in balance with the balsamic base and vanilla for a very pleasing, steady accord. Highly comforting and bright at the same time.

Wonderful stuff.
12th November, 2008

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