Nuit Noire (2006)
    by Mona di Orio

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    Inspired by Serge Lutens

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    Contrary to popular belief, there is no civit in this perfume. There is a sweetened leather with orange up top. Very creamy and dark. You can definitely get tuberose along with amber here. I find it comforting and luxurious. Too bad Turin only tested on paper strips. This one needs to warm up and meld with the human skin. Glad I bought a back-up.

    12 April, 2014

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    Sweden Sweden

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    Unfortunately this reminds me of a specific cleaning product (rather pleasant I must say it was, and likely cheap), only 10 times stronger and with a powdery sweet and dirty twist.
    I would probably not like it anyway, even if it did not bring such bland memories to mind.

    One powerful scent. And I thought I could tolerate just about anything.... Apparently not. I do like the "sweaty butt-cheeks"-note in Une Fleur de Cassie combined and tempered by its rather astringent notes, but that thing has at least a grain of modesty and balance. This stuff is purely to give me headaches if I even touch it.

    Try before you buy, as with most things

    30th January, 2014

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    I really fell in love with this, and was so disappointed when I heard that it has been discontinued! Reviews are so mixed on this scent, but I like complex and sensual perfumes, so I felt pretty confident that it would benefit from my chemistry, which tends to "sweeten" things. On me it is a rich, multi-faceted oriental that evolves over time. In the first 5 minutes, the animalic component is more noticeable, but it settles into velvety floral and spice and woods, with amber making its way into the mix after a bit. Utterly sensual, sexy but not at all "nasty"...and sadly not available much now. I was shocked by the abysmal rating from Luca Turin, whose taste I generally respect, but then, perfume is such an individual thing. It's definitely on my "5 stars" list.

    22 August, 2011

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    Oh man, this took months for me to figure out. My first impression was that Nuit Noire is gaudy. But now it has me forming some further thoughts. Nuit Noire is one nasty sexy bad girl perfume, along with D'zing.

    However, if you want a feminine super classy floral with an assertive leathery seductive base, get Cuir de Russie by Chanel.

    05 March, 2010 (Last Edited: 18 March, 2010)

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    My favorite perfume for my wife to wear for an intimate evening together. It's so strong it practically makes my eyes water, and I start salivating like Pavlov's dog (Not literally, but you get the picture). Strong floral and civit up front that dies down slowly, but never really disappears as the woody, ambery base develops. A near opposite in terms of smells, but similar in strength to another favorite, Angel. Both are up front, in your face, and decadent. Both make great role playing perfumes. A definate try first. Thumbs way up!

    09 February, 2010

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    Handsome Toad
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    I recieved a sample of this from the good folks over at the Perfumed Court after reading it was a "skank" perfume at another website. The opening was huge- civet and jasmine. Ohhhhh, nice! Like slightly floral MKK with the civet being more dominate. Into the midnotes, the civet began to shrink and as time went by the florals and amber overtook the civet and it became a little boring. I could still detect the civet every now and then, but the hot skanky vixen with the heavy black eye makeup and black-crimson lipstick had turned into a more refined proper lady trading in her Catholic school girl outfit for a designer evening dress. An evening filled with hot uninhibited sex followed by a quick shower and a formal night out. The drydown was strange, I must say. Like another reviewer all I got a wierd grape smell... like grape kool aid or some kind of hard grape candy. The longevity wasn't great ( the CK Obsession Men was still going like a steam locomotive on my other wrist- I use this as a control so I know it's not my nose getting fatigued ) , but towards the end you really aren't missing anything unless you really like grapes. I still have to give it a thumbs up because of the AMAZING opening and for what the designer was trying to do here.

    20th January, 2010

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