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L'Homme (2006)
by Yves Saint Laurent


L'Homme information

Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseYves Saint Laurent
PerfumerAnne Flipo
PerfumerPierre Wargnye
PerfumerDominique Ropion
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchPinault-Printemps-Redoute > Gucci Group > YSL Beaute

About L'Homme

L'Homme is a masculine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Dominique Ropion, Pierre Wargnye and Anne Flipo

Reviews of L'Homme

Yves' parting menace
The Honey Melliflougère
Don't care what we think.
05th December, 2018
Your usual but good masculine fragrance. It’s blue, it’s fresh, but I don’t care for it at all. Performances are good.
03rd November, 2018
Nothing special. It aims at a redolent classic men's style but without any character, just that bit of strangeness to make it stand out. As with so many fragrances these days its safeness makes it perfect for office wear. But it, in the end, L'Homme makes you feel nostalgic for the eccentric scents of Yves Saint Laurent. The real classics.
18th October, 2018
Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme is the first major masculine fragrance release from YSL since Tom Ford left as creative director from both YSL and Gucci upon his departure from LVMH to start his own house. YSL men's fragrance had always marched to the beat of it's own drum thanks to the namesake designer's predilections towards manly scents even when they weren't fashionable, and Tom Ford doing his best to keep that tradition alive when he was steward of the shop, but after all the cats had gone away, the mice were left to play so to speak, and this represents a generalist about-face for the label. Many perfumistos met this with a huge sigh of let down (but not as large as the recent Y for Men from 2017), but whereas most houses that go down the most-common-denominator route, YSL seemed to enter the mainstream on it's own terms, preserving some of that stubborn individualism. The creative directors at the house took a page from the book of Chanel with this, delivering a soft, clean, fresh and "safe" experience that still contained hints of flirtatiousness and couldn't be narrowly defined as aquatic or ozonic, just like Allure Homme (1999). YSL L'Homme has a lot of personality for a generalist "freshie", and has understandably produced a lot of flankers in it's wake, being classy and appropriate like YSL masculines of old, yet still a bit fun and youthful, which is something the label had been lacking at that point.

YSL L'Homme was the product of 3 perfumers, and much like Calvin Klein, YSL sought to just throw raw talent at the task and hoped a masterpiece emerged from the maelstrom. Indeed, all 3 perfumers who worked on L'Homme come from accomplished backgrounds, with Dominique Ropion, Peter Wargnye, and Anne Flipo each with storied fragrances under their belts. But much like Calvin Klein's Euphoria (2006), L'Homme doesn't benefit from this glut of talent, as it feels like a series of compromises in a bottle to the point of being dialed in so close to something they could all agree upon would suit the purpose that it just feels a bit too beige. It's a still a far sight better than Euphoria if only because it doesn't smell like a mash of science fiction, but it rides very close to the same ambivalent groove aesthetically, just in a much classier vein like the aforementioned Allure Homme. Ginger, bergamot, calone, and lemon open this innocently enough, with the ginger and calone adding a round sweet twist to an otherwise generic citrus open. Basil, a noticeable violet leaf, and white pepper consist of the middle. I guess the pepper is there but I can't detect it, and all I get is the violet, which drags this in a feminine, if very pleasant direction. The base of tonka, vetiver, woody aromatic chemicals, and musk. The whole thing feels like a best-of-show from the 90's/early 2000's parts bin, but does a really good job nonetheless.

Silliage is not a monster with L'Homme, but I feel it's not meant to be, but longevity is good, with about eight hour performance. It's a satisfactory scent for a job interview, a first date, day to day work, casual use, in spring, summer, or fall, and only buckles under extreme weather or particularly intense occasions where something more noticeable or thematic is required. It's a generalist as it's meant to be, just cut from a different cloth than something like Acqua di Gio (1996) or Kenneth Cole Reaction (2004). Guys fond of their civet or moss bombs will hate this, so anyone looking for powerhouses or aromatic fougère is in the wrong place with this, or realistically most things made by designers after 2000 thereabouts. Younger folks that came up with 90's fresh scents and 2000's oriental gourmands will probably like this most, as it's a gentle and sweet daily signature that doesn't smell run of the mill and still has some respectable quality. It won't light the world on fire, but I don't feel it was meant to, and for folks not feeling the decidedly more dynamic ambroxan freshies that came out post 2010, this is a more comfortable place to dwell. There really isn't much more that can be said about it than that. It barely gets a thumbs up from me for being a slight cut above the din, but I can totally understand the folks remembering past glories from YSL being unable to accept this direction, as it is definitely more soft-spoken than anything else save maybe the original Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme (1971) from this maker on the male side.
10th June, 2018
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United States
In a world of designer aquatics with little differentiation, L'Homme by YSL first came off as a softer, sweeter alternative while still being inoffensive. I found the opening of this to be better than its La Nuit counterpart, with the citrus, ginger, and tonka notes to be the most prominent. This was my work scent for a couple of years, and works perfectly for such occasions. Some similarities with D&G The One more in their approach to sweet vanilla-like notes, which suits my taste over smelling "Blue" just fine.

Rating: 7/10

02nd May, 2018
Really not my kind of thing at all. So redolent of any other number of designer masculines. I'm caught between admiring it for its well-calibrated, unashamed achievement of mundanity, and wishing that it was being worn by someone else. But putting it in the company of Sauvage, La Nuit from the same stable, Prada Luna Rossa, and so on, this is one of the best from that genre, although I do rather like La Nuit and prefer it to this. The trouble is here is that as soon as you feel something interesting is going to happen, the tonka and violet take over again and place l'Homme back exactly where it was designed to be. That will work for some, but I will pass.
08th April, 2018

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