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Child is a feminine perfume by Susan D. Owens - Child.

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Top: Vanilla, Lilac, Faint Magnolia.
Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose, Violet.
Base: Crème Musk, Rose, Mimosa.

I'm not a fan of BWF's, and don't wear them well, really. But of the whites I like jasmine the most - it's such a beautiful note. But I was still surprised I liked this one. Child is a rich, intoxicating Pikaki Jasmine fragrance, fairly linear, voluptuous, strong, somewhat hypnotic. The deal about this fragrance is something I read on another site and agree with - it possesses an enigmatic power and confidence. This quality makes sense of the fact it's popular with actresses in Hollywood. I see the relationship there.
It's about more than the notes. A feminine power player. One to wear if you want to exude confidence - nuff said.
Note: I layered this with SL Fumerie Turque when I wasn't in the mood for the BWF aspect of it, and it was smashing. Still a powerful floral but with a little toughness and roughness.
20th January, 2013 (last edited: 03rd June, 2014)
l find this to be a soft & pretty jasmine/pikake, with just a touch of indole. Like a softer, much less challenging version of Lust by Lush/Gorilla perfumes. A couple of hours in there's a subtle touch of musk, but otherwise it's quite linear. The sillage is good for an oil, & it lasts around eight hours before fading. A warm & friendly jasmine, very pleasant to wear while pottering around on a spring day.
12th June, 2012
This is a very pretty indolic jasminey/soapy clean scent! I first tried it out as a sample and enjoyed it enough to buy the 1.3 oz. roll-on. It really is lifts my spirits (must be the Jasmine), people comment on how nice it smells but I don't get any sort of musky drydown...although it could just be the way the scent carries on my skin. If you're interested in trying "Child" I would go to "" and I believe they have it set up where you can try a sample vial for a nominal fee..I'm pretty sure they carry "Child"...although don't quote me on that. Mind you, this is a pretty heady floral but the right person/personality can carry it off! Enjoy!
13th February, 2011
Child starts out as an indolic sweet floral and ends up as a soapy clean fresh musk closely resembling Amazing Grace by Philosophy. Being that Child is a limited edition and quite pricey (abour $100 per oz.) I'd rather spend $40. on an ounce or so of Amazing Grace. My point is that it's not bad, but certainly not worth the $. I turn a neutral thumb.
16th March, 2010
I spilled some Child on my glasses case, and was nearly retching after an hour of sniffing it (this was one of those cases you hang around your neck). I finally realized what had happened, and took off the case, and immediately the nausea/motion sickness effect faded. I agree with shesamazingnyc...Child is very linear and uncomplicated. I WISH I had gotten a musky dry down, but instead all I could detect was a sickening sweet cloying jasmine/floral mess. My glasses case still has a faint wiff of it after being washed, and 2 months later! And why did she call it 'Child' if it's supposed to drive men wild? Isn't that rather creepy?
11th October, 2008
After reading about how it "drives men wild" and reading some very positive reviews, I had to try "Child".

I was pretty disappointed, after all the hype. I'll disclaim by saying that I am not a huge fan of straight florals, and that everyone has different chemistry.

It's an oil, first of all. Very strong floral at first. On me, it dried down to musk. That was it. There was no complexity, no layers of scent to discover. It was strong flower (oddly, it reminded me of Easter lilies) and musk.

I tried it on just before going to a party and didn't receive one compliment. My sister hated it. I asked my husband what he thought and he said "It's skanky. What IS it?" That sealed it for me.

The one thing I will say is that besides a cult following, it has great great staying power. I can still smell it a full five hours after application -- and I gave two kids their bath, with my wrists submerged in soapy water!

Maybe others will have better luck.
04th November, 2007

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