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Sira des Indes (2006)
by Jean Patou


Sira des Indes information

Year of Launch2006
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People and companies

HouseJean Patou
PerfumerJean-Michel Duriez
PackagingLouis Sue
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Sira des Indes

Sira des Indes is a feminine perfume by Jean Patou. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez. The bottle was designed by Louis Sue

Sira des Indes fragrance notes

Reviews of Sira des Indes

A nice fruity floral. Banana and pear blend with light floral notes to make a clean fresh summer fragrance. Can be worn anywhere and anytime.
15th September, 2017
Is this supposed to be a modern take on l'Interdit? I can't tell you, but the similarities are certainly strong, like maybe one sister takes after her father and the other her mother. SdI exibits a bit less powder and certainly less of that delicious sandalwood which made me fall so readily for vintage l'Interdit, but its tropical rosy cheeks are quite charming. A very enjoyable light and sweet rose.
19th February, 2016
This is a warm, rich, fruity floral amber scent that is quite subtle and wears close to the skin. It reminds me very much of Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue.

The banana/pear notes give it a gourmand sweetness and roundness, the frangipani, ylang ylang, and champaca florals are perfectly balanced to provide the richness, and the amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood base provide the warmth.

Turin gave it four stars and dubbed it a "floral swirl."

Although it is quite good in its category, it is not outstanding in any way. I would certainly recommend it for fans of the Guerlain, but can't bring myself to rave over it. Just very well done.
14th October, 2015
I have read that 'Sira des Indes' was composed to mimic an Indian dessert. I bought it on a blind buy just because I got a kick from the idea of a banana note in a fragrance. I like this little dessert of a fragrance. Is it in my favorites category, no, but it's a pleasant scent. Vanilla, spices and a banana top note - it's fun!
12th December, 2014
Genre: Fruity Floral

The pink bottle and the blast of synthetic tropical fruit that opens Sira des Indes do not bode well for my enjoyment. After some time the unpromising top notes are tempered by soft champaca and suede-textured woods, then joined by a chorus of smoothly blended culinary spices. The resulting accord is relatively sweet, powdery, and very, very soft in texture – the olfactory equivalent of those cloths used to clean glasses or buff newly polished shoes.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the chemical “froot” flavor persists in strong enough form to detect alongside the gentle florals, and the product is – you guessed it – yet another fruity floral fragrance. Woohoo! Surely the world needs more of these! After all, there’s only so long the scent of your shower gel will endure without reinforcement, right?

More good news: the stuff doesn’t last all that long, so that within two hours all that’s left is a white musk and powdery vanilla drydown. While that’s hardly exciting, it’s a bit of a relief from what has gone before. Oh where is the Patou that brought us Joy, 1000, and Patou pour Homme?
03rd July, 2014
I put off reviewing this frag for over a is so magical I wanted to wax poetical as several of the earlier reviews did. I wanted to do it justice...but alas, my brain will not cooperate. So I will just muddle through with clumsy words.

It's not entirely my fault. Describing Sira Des Indes with English is like trying to capture an ethereal mist with a bucket.

The heart of Sira is the champaca flower. I'm surprised it's not listed here. I bought a bottle for a great price as a blind buy because of that. I had just visited a local nursery (I was in Florida at the time) that had several trees for sale, so I had the chance to smell this exotic beauty alive and on its tree. Essential oils and absolutes can only capture part of the fragrance of the flower. There are many subtle notes that get lost. In addition, in the native state, you also smell the leaves, the bark...maybe the souring odor of some dying blooms along with the fresh.

Imagine walking into the jungles of India, where the Champaca tree comes from. Not all the way in, just a few steps. You are surrounded by blooming trees. Close your eyes and inhale everything. The ethereal fragrance of the tree surrounds you. It is alive and vibrating with lightness. You almost feel like you could float off the ground, just a little. But your feet remain planted in the ground of course. Your bare toes wiggle in the dirt and decomposing leaves and fallen blooms. It's an earthy smell, it's not unpleasant at all, and it's far below your head. It's supporting you. Beyond this grove of Champaca trees, there are some banana trees. You know they are there, and they belong in this jungle. They are not very close, so they don't distract you very much. The air is hot and humid, this is India. You are sweating in the heat. But you showered just before visiting the jungle. Taking another deep breath, you can smell some of your clean sweat on the moist breeze. You stand and breathe in this magical aroma for a timeless eternity...just as you get ready to leave, you also realize there is a Temple nearby, where sandalwood incense has been burning for hundreds of years, in honor of divine beings.

Well, that was my experience, at any rate. :-)
11th February, 2014

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