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The Scent of Peace (2006)
by Bond No. 9


The Scent of Peace information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBond No. 9
PerfumerMichel Almairac
Parent CompanyLaurice & Co

About The Scent of Peace

Bond No.9 has been bottling the scents of New York (and the Hampton's!) for the last few years, but now - a scent that isn't a geographical area. According to Bond No.9 "[Bond No. 9] has now taken on the greatest neighborhood of them all. It's the one that hovers over all of our city, the see-and-be-seen A-list place called peace--where we all want to thrive."

"New York has always defined itself by its derring-do and its clear-cut goals. Yet this hodge-podge multi-ethnic, multi-vision'ed metropolis has also reigned as a place of tolerance and détente. It is a city built on non-aggression pacts that are cobbled together street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. This is the way that New York thrives. Post-9/11 has defined us even more by our mutual conviction that the future of our precious city depends on world peace. Bond No. 9's latest fragrance, The Scent of Peace, was born out of this consensus that hovers like a balm (like a dove) over our entire city."

The fragrance is unisex and containes notes of Blackcurrant and Musk, and the bottle is decorated with doves. Bond No. 9 will donate $2 for every bottle of The Scent of Peace that is purchased to charity

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Reviews of The Scent of Peace

The Scent of Peace sticks out amongst a sea of fruity florals. It's light, fresh and incredibly juicy. Black currant is probably my favorite fruity note, it's tart and always smells like it's just dripping with juiciness. That being said - Scent of Peace is the perfect fragrance for summer, when you want to feel fresh and keep cool. There's a breezy, airy quality there that just feels refreshing.

The Scent of Peace is a bit on the softer side - and didn't have much projection for me (which is a shame, considering the price). Lastly, the scent really matches its name. I can't imagine The Scent of Peace offending anyone, even the most scent-sensitive types.
13th June, 2016
I'm not highly experienced in women's perfume, but this one surprised me since the note quality and composition was of better quality than your average Bond. It does lean on the safer side of things and while it may not be significantly different in ambition than your average designer, the execution is totally there.

Personally, I find the smell of a good shampoo much more attractive on a woman than a rich fumey perfume, so I have no issue with it being compared to shampoo. The main point here is it's great and I'd buy it for my girlfriend's birthday. Try it out.

03rd February, 2015
Smells like fabric softener. Very light, aquatic, breezy, fresh, clean, whatever you want to call it. Very smooth and inoffensive, not pungent or sharp. The only warning I must give to men: This frag REALLY pushes the limits of "unisex", barely crossing the fence into "feminine" territory. I love the scent, but sometimes I feel a little self-conscious about people thinking I have a girly frag on.
10th January, 2014
It's a bit richer than D&G light blue and not all that interesting to me.
30th December, 2013
I think i`ll go against the grain here, but for me, this is not an special fragrance. I wonder why people pay so expensively in fragrances that smells like shampoo if you wouldn`t pay so high in a shampoo that smells like this one. This is more of a functional aroma than a fragrance itself. I`m not saying that it smells bad, this is not the case. But this is the way that you would expect your deodorant, or your body lotion, or your shampoo, or your fabric softener to smell like. It`s an adequate aroma for this kind of products, maybe even to a body splash. But for a fancy fragrance? I don`t think so. This is a musky, fruity, green flowery aroma, that starts with a generic fruity note wrapped in some good synthetic citrus aroma, which lasts enough but is not like the real thing. Then, you have that commonplace green springish aroma, which fades to a musky base with something woody just to give a balance. What predominates seems to be the musky fruity aroma, with the floral nuances, something that if it was a little bit sweeter would be a perfect Victoria Secrets Body Splash. I don`t know, this is not a peace that i want to have, because this peace involves lack of creativity. Since i don`t collect bottles, fancy packages, and don`t prioritize longevity over creativity, this one leaves me entirely cold, either on me or on someone else. I also tell you, if you really want to smell like fancy shampoo and you want that to be from Bond No 9, get High Line, which seems little bit less generic.
01st February, 2011
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United States

What is irritating with this scent is the opening, which is very harsh on the nose. It's similar to the sharp, caustic blast of rubbing alcohol.

I"m being more critical of this scent because my current house of choice is Parfums de Nicolai, which frequently uses black current and citrus. Where PdN makes lovely, this makes yikes.

My overall impression is that this was pulled out of the oven a bit too early. Putting a half baked product on the market earns no favors, but with a little work this could succesfully be turned into something savory .

29th September, 2010

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