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    L is so pretty. It's sexy, salty, oceany, vanilla, cinnamon. Just perfect. I just wish it lasted longer on me.

    30th July, 2012

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    Were it not for the undeniably girly bottle, this could easily pass for a unisex scent. The immortelle balances out the vanilla, making what could otherwise be way too sweet into an almost "rough" feeling and frankly, to my nose, fairly masculine scent.

    But what do I know? I wear Jicky and Shalimar and even Insense... Oh, wait, Insense is actually made for men...

    Guys, I am just saying, "Try it. You might like it. Don't be scared off by the bottle."

    01st April, 2012

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    This is one of by favorite scents. As others have mentioned this is a sweet smell. The cinnamon and vanilla are definately there. However the vanilla is salty so it's not too girly of a scent although still a little maidenly but whatever I still wear it no matter how old I get. This is not an all year round scent for me. I like this scent in the warm months only and I just purchased a new bottle to have when I go on a caribbean cruise this month because that is exactly what this scent invokes for me. Warm, sweet, and salty perfect for a beach.

    12 January, 2012

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    I love this perfume so much... yet I hate it just as well! To say I still have morbid gourmand dreams is an understatement. I have come a long way since I started with fragrance but i'll hold on to this baby.

    It's very sweet. I get a lot of this bitter orange/cinnamon initially BUT I would not say it smells anything like a "cinnamon roll" as I have seen mentioned on more than one occasion. It's sweet but its not foody. And it quickly takes on this salty edge which I have never experienced so intensely in a perfume before. The rest is just a sweet vanilla.

    The thing that leaves me baffled is how much this perfume 'takes me away'. It immediately reminded me of this cartoon I watched as a kid, specifically the mermaid in this cartoon. And sure enough Lempicka describes a mermaid on the website! Maybe i'm not as crazy as I thought. When I first spray it this scene immediately plays in my head.

    What L as shown me is that gourmand and sythetic does not need to be tacky. This perfume is very well blended and its composition is wounderful. To not buy it because its not 'cultured' is nothing more then an opinion.

    28 December, 2011

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    I bought this "scent unsniffed" at Marshall's since it was so inexpensive and it was Lolita Lempicka. It was love at first sight when I pulled the bottle from its box. I could not say the same about the scent...at first.

    At first spray I was reminded of Animal Cracker Cookies with a side of cinnamon and sugar. I was a bit put off by this. Having read previous reviews I decided not to be so hasty to wash it off and give it a chance to dry down. I am so glad I did!

    It was worth enduring a half hour of over-the-top Animal Crackers to get to the warmth of cinnamon-vanilla flavored musk. I was compulsively sniffing my wrists the entire night, as I had put it on in the afternoon.

    The next day I decided to give it another try but this time pairing it with Victoria's Secret's Vanilla Lace shower gel and lotion. The scent was even more inviting. The vanilla musk in Vanilla Lace intertwined pleasantly with the vanilla musk in L by LL. Once again I was enjoying my eau de parfum well into the evening.

    I don't know if I'd wear this to work for it is very sweet and if not used with a light hand, it is very strong. Also, the bottle is very misleading. The bottle conveys a summery quality but I'd never use this in the summer. It's too warm, lush, and thick, like a cashmere sweater. I would use it to prepare for a date or a night in with my paramour. It was made for cozying up! Sometimes it's nice to be someone's little cookie! ;)

    10th December, 2011

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    Two thumbs up to this one, it's one of the most pretty perfumes that I have and I need to order another bottle. It's kind of woody musc and salt, very confortable to wear in the summer or winter. It's notes don't change much from top to base, I love the vanilla and cinnamon combination it's very easy to wear.Just got a small sample of Musc Ravageur and I can't believe how close it smells to L, I think Mr Roucel just add more vanilla and remove clove or lavander from MR and Voila we got L that is sweeter and sparkling. I agree with Cello's review when she says that if you don't have access or can't afford Musc Ravageur get L and I find L more feminine while MR is more unisex l I want to add is that is I'm very fussy, and I love this perfume. So for godS SAKE buy this perfume blind on the net or anyway you want. you wont regret. I dit not regret.

    07 November, 2011 (Last Edited: 28 January, 2012)

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