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DKNY Red Delicious Men (2006)
by Donna Karan


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseDonna Karan
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances

About DKNY Red Delicious Men

DKNY Red Delicious Men is a masculine fragrance by Donna Karan. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of DKNY Red Delicious Men

A hypothetical hybrid between Dunhill Desire Red and Dunhill Custom – gone wrong. Red Delicious is a sweet, extremely synthetic “laundry musk” scent infused with discount sandalwood, a bold (and again, utterly plastic) accord of something halfway apple, earthy stuff (coffee?) and booze, finally unexplicably stuffed with a ton of nondescript metallic screechiness which does have a fascinating shimmering nature – smelling halfway rotten cough syrup and floor cleaner. Not tragic overall, and most important not really far from many niche scents playing this same “sweet booziness” card. But the quality is really, really low - too cheap to be taken seriously.

26th July, 2015

Really seductive.delicious for girls!good fragrances.a great one?maybe not but difinately a good fragrance.i love to wear this but it is not scent for everyday.

Not too overbearing not too soft but right in that my opinion truly for a modern daring man.i love the base notes perfect for a night out in spring.

Good sillage and longevity is around 4 hours on my skin.the style is better than Be Delicious Men for me.

15th May, 2015
This is, quite possibly, the only scent I've purchased/been given, where I've simply had to give away.
I got it for Christmas a few years back, and tried several times over a couple of years, and simply couldn't get away with it.

Initially it smelt ok, but quickly developed a warm, dry, cloying feel to it, that try as I might to brave through, I just couldn't. I think it's the spicy booze that's the culprit here. Like sloshing on weeks old Christmas punch.
And the dry down, on my skin, was repulsive. At least to my nose. Other's told me I smelt lovely and I got compliments galore, but I simply couldn't take having the fetid stench around me all day.

It's almost certainly the reaction it had with my skin. I was out with a lady friend, one freezing cold night, and she had it on, but on her it smelt pretty damn good! Sadly my experiences in the past jaded my opinion of it even on her lovely self. Had I not had a prior experience, it may well have been a different matter!

And for that reason (because I'm not totally convinced).. I'm wussing out and giving it a Neutral rating. I hated it (on me)! But everyone else seemed to like it. Aaand it smells fairly decent on others too.
09th July, 2011
DKNY Red Delicious is deliciously boozy.

This fragrance had the potential to be fresh and Summery, especially with the presence of apple and bergamot, however I'm rather glad that this fragrance is the complete opposite of fresh.

Red Delicious is rich, spicy and warm. This is the scent for a wild man, something that really appeals to me. The booziness originates from the rum and cognac notes, yet the spicyness from the patchouli, saffron and cardamom balances the scent out nicely.

Added notes of coffee and floral components such as iris, orchid and mandarin blossom makes for one very unique fragrance. This is certainly masculine however a daring woman wearing this fragrance is not out of the question.

I only half-heartedly agree that this is an aquatic, it does have slight watery notes, but it is nowhere near as fresh as most aquatic fragrances. The best seasons for DKNY Red Delicious would be Autumn and Spring and perhaps even Winter.

26th June, 2011
My husband and I tested this in the store as an option for him, and I HATED it. I admit, we did not wait for the drydown, but the intial smell was soooooo horrible that I DID NOT CARE if the drydown was nice. I'm not sure if anyone else smelled the same thing, but all I could smell was cherry flavored Robitussin cough syrup . . . YUCK!
05th December, 2010
An aptly named fragrance. Like soaking yourself in white rum infused with freshly pressed sharp cox apple juice - an attribute that may not sound favourable, but it certainly works. Women adore this fragrance, perhaps a little too much - on numerous occasions a compliment has evolved into a request to borrow the spray! If you're big enough to overcome such emasculating requests, it is a beautifully fresh and subtle fragrance.

The only slight qualm is the poor longevity - I seem to eat through 100ml bottles.
21st July, 2010

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