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Fou d'Absinthe (2006)
by L'Artisan Parfumeur


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseL'Artisan Parfumeur
PerfumerOlivia Giacobetti
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchFox Paine & Company > Cradle Holdings

About Fou d'Absinthe

Fou d'Absinthe is a masculine fragrance by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti

Fou d'Absinthe fragrance notes

Reviews of Fou d'Absinthe

I really enjoyed this, finished my sample, and if I found a bottle cheap somewhere I might very well pick it up. Great spring scent, and reasonably on lasting, although it dries to a skin scent pretty fast.
26th May, 2017
Fou d'absinthe is an aromatic pine patchouli fragrance with links to the past (think of Polo) but cleaned, polished, house trained and taught new tricks to appeal to both sexes in the modern age.

For me, it works best for office wear. In the outdoors, bars or restaurants it can sometimes go undetected apart from the underlying medicinal quality, which has nothing to offer in the absence of the other notes. And at home in the evening it is always struggling to overcome the smells of dinner being cooked up. In the office its softness is welcome, and it's gorgeous details are on display to entertain the wearer without spreading too far beyond.

The brilliant opening blast of top notes gets me up and going in the morning and by the time I'm at work it's developed into a beautiful pine and woods fragrance softened by nutmeg and given a medicinal edge by the interplay of ginger and a touch of clove. As noted before, this medicinal backbone stands alone when the fragrance is competing with other smells in the air or the elements, whether it be passing traffic, the wind, the smells of alcohol at bars, etc, etc. But when all the notes are allowed the space set off the olfactory senses, it is this medicinal edge that gives the fragrance its trademark depth.

03rd October, 2016
Since I've only worn this fragrance once, I'll come back and do an edit when I've had a bit more exposure to it, but I do have a couple of thoughts after first wear. I really like the smell of this stuff, however, it is weak enough that I had a hard time picking up all of the different notes, and I didn't get any pine at all, which was a huge disappointment for me. Anyway, it is a very soft smell, and I kept feeling the need to add more to my skin so I could enjoy it. The longevity was almost nonexistent, and the sillage was nonexistent. The reason I'm giving it a thumbs up so far is because it is such a nice little smooth fragrance. But, I may change to a more neutral position if I can't get any better longevity out of this juice. I only have a sample right now, and I'd hate to invest in a full bottle if I'm not able to get any better longevity in the next few applications.
02nd February, 2016
I have mentioned before that I sometimes brew my own absinthe as a hobby. Fou d'Absinthe doesn't smell much like the actual drink, but it seems to have a similar effect - nobody around me seems to want to try it, and if they do, it's weird to them. Following the release of Gucci's Envy for Men in the late 90's a slew of houses threw in their two bits for the ginger Oriental battle, and most of them are quite good. Fou here is a beautiful and tragic example of this class of fragrance - Beautiful in that it is airy and green, crisp and quite natural, and an absolute ode to Angelica root in a way I've never encountered in a fragrance, and tragic, in that the brevity of the fragrance cripples its value, and the fact that the eerily similar Aura by Jacomo can be had for just a sixth of the price. In light of all of this information I Love this scent but I completely understand why most people will pass it up. If ever l'Artisan opts to make a concentree or extrait of this, rest assured I will be among the first in line, but as it stands this is only 'quite good' instead of 'truly great.'
03rd January, 2016
Clumsy is perhaps the best way I can describe Fou d'Absinthe. I thought I would like this much more than I did while wearing it. It's a strange kind of green fragrance with the odd medicinal edge.

The opening is a pungent chemical green with an odd salty tinge. I absolutely hated it and struggled to identify the notes. After about fifteen minutes, a clove, pepper and ginger appear and bind with a piney green base. There's some patchouli and a sweetness lingering underneath, but they never overcome the sharper edges of spice and pine.

If you layered Polo Green and Yatagan, you might replicate Fd'A. Aside from the awful opening, the remaining fragrance wasn't horrible, just a little edgy for my tastes. Average sillage and longevity.

A generous Neutral rating for me.
12th December, 2015
This was a blind buy, along with Timbuktu...which is truly a beautiful fragrance, yet this doesn't appeal to me that much. I've never really owned many 'green' fragrances, and after using this will probably steer clear of them in the future. I find Fou D'absinthe too herbal and almost medicinal for my tastes. There's a certain bitterness to it, especially in the opening which I dislike intensely- it actually makes me quite nauseous.

After around five minutes, Fou D'absinthe becomes more pleasant as the anise(which I love in a frag) cloves and ginger come into play along with some patchouli, warming things up a little...sadly it's not enough to make me love it.

Probably best worn during the colder months, I can imagine this being horrid during the summer.

Projection was moderate on me and longevity passable I suppose at around 5 hours- a little less than I'd hoped given its EDP strength.

26th February, 2015

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