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Quorum Silver (2005)
by Antonio Puig


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAntonio Puig
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Quorum Silver

Quorum Silver is a masculine fragrance by Antonio Puig. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Quorum Silver

It turns out I don't like cardamom (the incense vibe), so this one turns me away more than it draws me. Without it I would go neutral or even up for the remaining cedar led combination. As is common with Puig, its a real bargain, if you like it.
02nd March, 2017 (last edited: 03rd March, 2017)
Darvant has QS pegged, identifying ginger, citrus and cedarwood. I don't get the Black Soul comparison. They seem to be as different as, well black and silver. I get none of the minty sweetness of TLBS. QS Seems to vanish without a trace in very little time at all. I do like to layer EDT with aftershave whenever possible, but I'm not fond enough of QS to buy the AS.
10th December, 2016
Got this Quorum Silver in a set with its matching aftershave for less than $20. First time I used the cologne, didn't like it much ... Something wasn't right. Pino Silvestre, which it superficially resembles, starts better, though it fades in an hour. Anyways. Tried it again, two sprays, and wasn't sure it was a winner. Finally got around to trying the QS aftershave, and like IT very much- not just alcohol, has some moisturizers, good face feel. Tried just one spray of the QS cologne afterward and NOW I see the light. Overdoing this one wrecks it; one spray and you got cedar and (pink) pepper, which outlasts Pino Silvestre by far. Minimal use of this one appears to bring out its best. Too much of it confuses or overwhelms the sniffer.
21st August, 2016
My first review, here goes. I blind bought this after finding it cheap on ebay and looking at a few reviews here & on other sites. This scent is all about clean, fresh wood, like walking through a recently felled forest - surprising as there is no benzoin in it. The opening, that stays mostly for the duration, is cedar, verging on a pure pine resin - the good pine, not the disinfectant pine. Imagine going to the diy store, finding the doors section, then find a pine door with a resin filled knot, and stick your nose right up to it and drawing in a good sniff. That's a good scent right? Quorum Silver has that good scent running all though it, and it lasts well. There is lemon in the opening which quickly withers and gives way to spice, pepper, ginger and slight cinnamon. As the scent wears, the patchouli really comes to the fore. My other half says it remind him of Terre de Hermes, though I don't get that. A great non-offensive scent, probably best for winter/autumn. Such heavy cedar is unusual, so you will be noticed wearing this.
15th January, 2016
I bought this blind because of the price and a fond memory of opening an old cedar chest while growing up that I still remember as one of the best smelling things in the world. This very much hits the cedar note. I found this to be very strong and long-lasting. Probably too strong. Almost turns cloying after sometime on my skin but when I smell it on clothes or fabrics the next day, I really enjoy the smell.
11th December, 2015
Quorum Silver is an extremely invigorating accord of spices, musk and woods. Incredibly I read somewhere "a cedar bomb" but I would say better "a cardamom bomb" (anyway, also citrus and cedarwood are key notes). I detect indeed by soon liquid cardamom, ginger (a lot of), citrus (an orangy-lemony accord plus cinnamon), liquid synthetic incense (Iso E driven Incense complementing the cardamom), coriander, peppermint, musk and misty pepper. It's like to smell (for a while) a sort of Ted Lapidus Black Soul but without all that bombastic sweetly-synthetic balminess and with a fluidy woody-dusty-lemony sharper texture. In part also scents as Cartier Declaration and Terre d'Hermes jump on mind for several of their characteristics. The (yet minty-spicy aromatic) dry down is more woody, orangy and slightly vanillic but in a really moderate way. Really not bad.
10th December, 2014 (last edited: 12th December, 2014)

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