Quorum Silver (2005)
    by Antonio Puig

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    I basically bought this to round out the three quorums. My least favorite of the three but still a good fragrance. I am not really sure why it received the moniker Silver..It smells like grandma's closet but in a good masculine way (think a cedar closet with tools). I don't really wear it that often but like I said, I bought it to unite the Quorum trinity.

    29 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 12 February, 2014)

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    Shifty Bat
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    If Gucci Pour Homme smells like church to you then Quorum Silver is running errands or relaxing at home. It's a very similar cedar/ginger/pepper scent upfront but there's no smoke or incense or curious depth. It's also exceedingly dry and sagey, which is in its own way a little refreshing. It makes me think of the climate and landscape of Arizona, if that makes any sense. This is not going to bowl anyone over but perhaps that is the point - a really solid bang for the buck fragrance here, and simple enough for layering with citrus scents.

    10th January, 2014

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    Quorum Silver is a Cedar bomb with a touch of vanilla. That's pretty much all you get with this. Good thing too because this is a great cedar fragrance. This works great in the winter and fall. It isn't an in your face fragrance, but it also could very easily be over sprayed. 2 to 3 sprays and you should be set. This is a great fragrance for the price.

    07 November, 2013

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    Silver Bullet

    Hard to find here in my country.
    Also a blind buy because it was so cheap (13 euro for 100 ml) on the 'few' reviews but dayum! and thank you Antonio Puig!
    Its a deep and masculine scent with cedar n leather but also fresh n spicy.
    If i think of Quorum Silver is see a frosted cedartrees in a winterdry deserted fields, almost an abstract scent. (dont expect this one to be like Puigs Quorum original that one is warmer)
    Great for going out or the office.

    Ive had a lot a scents in my life also the cheap ones for testing but this one can be placed on the same shelf of the more expensive ones around.

    UPDATE - This scent gets better and better if you use it and in hotter weather conditions.
    Its not a summer scent let me say that clear, but i first used in in the winter and i thought it was more dry,colder, abstract close to skin scent.
    Now using this scent temps above 18 degrees celcius makes it even better! its refreshing and gets herbal and can be used if you are having a headache!
    drydown is great.

    pricetag vs quality/longevity/stayingpower/sillage : damn good if not the best!
    the best value for money scent i own now!

    Pros: Freshness
    Cons: Can be too dry for some"

    25 August, 2013

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    They might want to add "Light" to the end of the name because when compared to Quorum, it's like the day to Quorum's night. No heavy hand here; just a pure, shining bolt of silver light! Interesting blend of ginger, pink pepper and cedar. Like Quorum, it punches way above its weight. Its cheap as water but smells great. I detect a bit of jealousy from Monsieur Lutens.

    25 January, 2013

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    Old Werewolf

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    If you love cedar, this is the juice for you. I LIKE cedar... I don't love cedar.... way too strong...

    19 December, 2012

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