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Heiress (2006)
by Paris Hilton


Heiress information

Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseParis Hilton
PackagingAteliers Dinand
PackagingHenry de Monclin
Parent CompanyPerfumania Holdings > Parlux
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Heiress

The back of the bottle features a 'full-length' mirror.

Reviews of Heiress

Not my typical scent but Liberating...

Not my usual patchouli, sandalwood, musky sort of complex, Angel or Alien scent and certainly not sophisticated but fun, carefree and citrusy.....beach, park, or an "i want to feel girly" kinda thing!

Pros: Fresh, clean, grape-fruity, nice to layer
Cons: young? poor staying power, "

13th September, 2013
Heiress really isn't that bad, however it is very sweet. If you enjoy such fragrances like Kylie Minogue's Showtime, Britney Spears' Fantasy and Aquolina's Pink Sugar, then this fragrance may appeal to you seeming that it is made in the same vein.

The fruity opening was quite synthetic and sugary, the scent very similar to a fruit-flavoured popsicle. My initial response to this sweet opening was that it was most likely aimed at younger consumers, it has a very youthful and flirtatious feel.

The scent is rather linear, the floral notes are only very subtle and the fragrance has a clean, almost shampoo like quality. Can't say that I got any champagne notes in Heiress, it was more like those watered down, orange-flavoured vodka beverages if anything alcoholic.

Everything from the scent to the glittery pink bottle, makes me think of Barbie. I feel that for somebody like me, Heiress is a little childish. However I do recommend this to young girls that are going through the phase where they'll love anything sweet and gooey.

15th June, 2011
This perfume is terrible and tacky.

I don't know which was worse, the tacky chunky glitter bottle in which the fragrance is contained or the fragrance itself...

I liked the release of Paris' self titled perfume, the sweetness appealed to me and I was very happy to have received it as part of a gift pack. This was why I thought I would not be disappointed with Heiress. I was so wrong.

It smells very very cheap. It does have a sweet linger to it, but this mix just did not do it for me. It reminded me of those imitation cheap fragrances that aren't too nice and just overly sugary. Kind of like sugar water.

The bottle design itself is so so tacky. That chunky glitter backdrop makes me feel like this was meant for a Barbie and Dora the Explorer fan based audience. It is quite embarrassing and cheap looking amongst my collection of fragrances.

I think this would appeal to a very young teen based audience whom have not tried many fragrances as yet and enjoy a very sweet candy smell.

I honestly could not detect much floral scents if they were there.

As described by

Heiress by Paris Hilton is a fruity floral juice opens with top notes of passion fruit, orange, peach granita and champagne mimosa, unfolding into heart notes of star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom and grenadine, with a dry-down of violet leaf, vetiver, Tahitian tonka and blonde woods. It is recommended for casual wear.
12th May, 2011
Got this as a sample on a past online order( I don't know why they continue to send me female perfume samples when all I buy is Men's cologne) but anyways, I don't see how people say this smells like bubble gum. I don't know which bubble gum you're chewing, but this smells nothing like orignal bubble gum flavor. However, it does smell like a particular flavor of gum(not original bubble mind you). It's most definitely the artificial smell from strawberry or some kind of berry Trident gum my mother always used to chew in the 90's. Way too synthetic for me to ever find favorable worn on a woman. Like others have said I could only see very young girls using this like 12-16 years old. After that they should be looking elsewhere.
29th October, 2009
Very sweet, definitely a perfume for younger women. I couldn't picture myself wearing it ten years from now, but for a teenage girl, it's perfect. Very floral, but with some fruity notes as well that keep it from being too cliche. It's very light, and inoffensive enough to wear to school. My one complaint is that it doesn't last long enough. After an hour or so on my skin, it's basically gone. It smells delicious, but I won't be buying another bottle when this one wears out (which it did very quickly, since you have to reapply so often.)
10th May, 2008
This one is for teenage girls, absolutely.

I agree with castorpollux ~ It's girly, smells like bubblegum somehow, a little bit too fake and cheap ~ but i like it that way. It reminds me of my childhood, my barbie dolls, all those childish dreams i had as a little girl. On this point, it's not a bad one.
31st October, 2007

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