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Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste (2005)
by Giorgio Armani


Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste information

Year of Launch2005
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGiorgio Armani
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste

Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste is a shared / unisex perfume by Giorgio Armani. The scent was launched in 2005

Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste fragrance notes

Reviews of Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste

Like all of the Cuir De Russie genre of perfumes, Cuir Améthyste is based on ionones, which smell like super-bright artificial violet on top and dry down to an abstract creamy suede in the base. Some, like Chanel's Cuir De Russie, go for a perfumed, pretty realism, like a stack of leather purses and suede jackets sprayed with powdery perfume. On the other end of the spectrum are the surreal sci-fi members of the genre, like Creed's Love In Black, a purple supernova exploding over a pulsating planet of leathery mushrooms.

Cuir Améthyste exists somewhere in the middle. I long ago picked up a bottle extremely cheap and figured I'd grow to like it, but I simply didn't for years. It doesn't try very hard to be beautiful or compelling. It's objectively a fine perfume, perfectly competent, yet somehow lacks the self confidence to assertively declare its brilliance, even though it's very good. And that's eventually what I've grown to love about Cuir Améthyste. It's like a lovely person who doesn't realize how beautiful they are and therefore tends to be overlooked.

So what does it smell like? Well, it's a cuir de russie, so it's got those bright violets on top, toned down and enriched with soapy iris, which gives a perfumey hum to the suede element, which is in turn supported by a powdery amber. There's a fruity, rosy quality to it, and the whole thing is held together by black pepper, which acts as a sort of glue between the brightness of the top and the depth of the base. And that's the the real artistry of Cuir Améthyste, that careful balance between brightness and richness, as well as the way it always broadcasts a fully orchestrated prettiness despite being built of potentially abrasive notes. I'm glad I've taken the time to try to love Cuir Améthyste. It's been worth it.
06th October, 2016
A luminous floral more than a leather scent, Cuir Amethyst’s focus is on semi-sweet violets with a bit of powder trailing behind it.

It starts out as a purple jelly bean—candied and chewy. Technically, it’s spiced violet, but it doesn’t smell even remotely natural. Instead, it’s like a sugary glow with some sherbet pockets. Style-wise, it reminds me quite a bit of Myrrh Imperiale—a scent that, like this, had a tenuous connection to its descriptive title, relying instead on oodles of sugar rather than myrrh. Similarly, there’s barely any connection to leather here at all, although you can sort of sense that it’s buried in there somewhere. If anything, it’s a soft suede, but I’d be more inclined to describe it as vinyl. Having said all that, it’s a pleasant enough fragrance, but like several of the scents in this line, the effect it seeks to produce is quite vague.

So, don’t come to this for the leather as you won’t find it. Come to it expecting grape juice and jelly beans and you won’t be disappointed. A pleasant enough fruity floral scent overall that’s not overly obnoxious, but it doesn’t fit the refined style of the bottle or the tailored character of the clothing line. It’d be better suited in a bottle shaped like a cartoon animal or something more pop. Fun, a bit cheap-smelling, but likable enough in small doses.
29th December, 2014
danieq Show all reviews
United States
It's been reviewed in terms of specifics quite a lot, so I am not so sure that I can add much in that regard. However, I would like to make a comparison. I find this to be remarkably similar to Keiko Mecheri's Cuir Cordoba. Cordoba lacks the softer shade side, but since that is relatively fleeting on CA, I'm not sure that matters. My opinion is that, for ,your money,,go with Cuir Cordoba for the same feel at half the price and an equally beautiful and classy bottle.
19th September, 2014
Genre: Leather

On my skin, Cuir Amethyste starts out very fruity, with a soft leather stepping very quickly from the background. This leather is mild, smooth, and creamy - a fine ladies' glove, not boots or a saddle. The candied fruit persists to join some lively floral notes in a very sweet accord that dominates the heart of Cuir Amethyste. At this point the whole composition starts reminding me of a buttery, apricot filled dessert.

The mellow leather continues to recede, but the fruit doesn't loosen its grip for some time, before the vanilla-dominated drydown gets underway.

Cuir Amethyste seems very similar to Serge Lutens's Daim Blond, though even more intensely fruity. In fact, I think of it as a simpler, sweeter, and louder variation on Daim Blond's suede and apricot theme. It's pleasant enough, but hardly unique, and far too "pretty" for me to wear.
11th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Violet and a touch of bergamot from the beginning, a nice combination and not too sweet. The birch and the patchouli give the drydown and slightly unusual twist, whilst the vanilla in the base comes in earlier in the drydown on my skin - here it becomes sweeter but not too cloying. Quite nice with good silage and projection and an overall longevity of about four hours. Not exceptional but not 100% predictable either. For lovers of violet on a spring day.
14th January, 2014
I usually dislike powerdy perfumes, but this is nice. A sweet floral (violet) at first that is balanced by something a bit darker; this must be the "leather" accord, which seems very light. It is certainly pleasant, far more so than the description of the notes would suggest. As a note, I like the violet accord. It almost seems like Iris, but is distinct. I dislike Iris as a note, and this seems to approach it but stays distinct and pleasant to me. The overall impression is fresh with a bit of depth, and stays fairly close to the skin. It is one that I keep thinking I should spray more of, but worry that it is just I that cannot detect its strength, and worry about blowing others away with too much.

Two hours in, and the violet note is dominant, and the fragrance becomes less enjoyable to me. Four hours in, and this has become nice again. It is now an absolute skin scent, with a gentle wood that is almost sandalwood like, the violet is less sweet, and just a earthy floral.

Between neutral and a thumbs up. I will go with neutral since it is so expensive (not a factor in the scent, but for a coin toss, why not) and for the performance.
22nd December, 2013

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