Silver Scent (2006)
    by Jacques Bogart

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    Too Too Good !!!


    Finally am here reviewing my most beloved Scent !!

    Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart : Whatever i say for this gem would still be less !!

    Silver Scent is a perfume best suited for winters !!

    Though i don't understand each notes but still the overall package is lovely..

    Just two sprays in the morning and you can feel the smell till evening

    Gorgeous smell and actually Girl's Magnet !

    I get loads of compliment whole day long..!

    I thave till now consumed over 9 bottles of Silver Scent !!

    Thumbs up for this legend at such a low price :)

    Pros: Projection Monster,Long Lasting,Best Dating Fragrance,Versatile
    Cons: Dont think so"

    22 August, 2013

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    I wanted to wear this a few times before giving it a proper review and a proper review it will get. What can I say about SS? SIlver scent is for the mature male who doesn't mind smelling like Fanta grape while riding his harley. It's a very mature scent yet a younger crowd could pull it off. I can agree with the similarities to One million but One million is more musky than SIlver scent. I actually like Silver scent better than One million. Bogart did a really good job on this fragrance. I get at least 8-10 hrs on this and I get compliments from both men and women. I think this is the only fragrance I have in my collection that actually gets stronger as the day progresses. If you want a very long lasting fragrance that is similar to One million but different than try Silver scent. It's truly a great fragrance.

    06 April, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Pratically a slightly less intoxicating and fresher Ted Lapidus Black Soul. The smell is almost identical (or better in the middle between Black Soul, LL Au Masculine and Faconnable Homme, with regard to One Million.) just faintly less gassy/powdery. I would place so this fragrance in the same One Million's range (Silver Scent is fresher and more citrusy/fruity) and agree who with talks about a synthetic nuclear bomb predominantly because of its powerful sweet projection. The typical aroma is produced by an accord dominated by huge quantity of spicy/lavender, aqueous vetiver, secret juicy fruits (kind of cherries) and citrus (mostly orange surrounded by coriander and nutmeg-cinnamon). The main accord is sweetened by faint hints of balsams and sweet tobacco. I smell the floral patterns but i'm not able to distinguish their identity. It's an impressive and charismatic "sparkling/splashing" fragrance for those that feel themselves satisfied with the chemical hyper sweet boisterous new generation concoctions.

    24 January, 2013

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    Powerful fruity/spicy scent. Very nice. Reminds me of Dunhill Desire Blue probably because of the litchi note in it. Another pleasant Bogart.

    13 September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    If you want a One Million clone this is it.

    Maybe a more trained nose than mine can find the difference, however this smells just like 1 Million to me. The topnotes are different (there is synthetic grape or something) but the drydown is exactly the same. Today I had two coworkers ask me when I started wearing 1 Million in the daytime, so I guess I am not the only one who thinks this.

    Monster projection bomb... please treat with the same respect as 1 Million or your fellow clubgoers will be after you with pitchforks and torches.... oh and be smarter than me and skip it during the daytime.

    13 September, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Icy Green Grape, Lychee, Velvety Citrus, Oriental.
    This is a bomb. A very modern bomb. A Party Bomb.
    And you can get it for less than 30 bucks for 3.4oz, what a bargain!
    Jacques Bogart really know how to do cheap and ultra strong fragrances.
    This one is by far the most accepted by the youth generation. A a partner to the party, and its not overused by the people like 1 Million, Joop, Black XS.
    Projects strongly for about 4 hours and last almost 12 hours.
    What youre waiting? Go purchase some Silver Scent.

    29 June, 2012

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