Play-Doh (2006)
by Demeter Fragrance Library


Play-Doh information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseDemeter Fragrance Library
Parent CompanyFreedom Marketing Group

About Play-Doh

Launched to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hasbro's Play-Doh brand.

Reviews of Play-Doh

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Pretty much a play-doh-type impression, although there are differences: it is sweeter, and has more almond in it. At times, the earthy-clay undertone is quite evident, but at times it is more in the background. Vanilla and fruity components arise in the second half.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and twelve hours of longevity on my skin.

Fun as a concept, good in autumn but too strong in its synthetic character. 2.75/5.
12th November, 2017
It doesn't smell like real playdoh... but maybe it smells different from country to country. So, not exactly spot on, and that's what I judge for Demeter frangrances. It smells good though, I love almond and vanilla.

Longevity is good but sillage isn't.
25th March, 2017
Erok32 Show all reviews
United States
Smells EXACTLY like Play Doh. Pretty unique, but I wouldn't want to smell like this.
26th April, 2012
A fun fragrance just for novelty value, not everyday wear. Quite long lasting; it gave me a bit of a headache after a while. It does capture some of the almond scent of Play-Doh... but I think I actually like the smell of real Play-Doh more!
03rd April, 2011

I doubt that I ever smelled the real play-doh, but, if Demeter’s Play-Doh does smell like play-doh, then now I know what play-doh smells like, although, personally, when I first smelled this I thought of almonds… almonds with a ethyl alcohol / synthetic edge. I don’t have the childhood memories to feed on, so I have to judge the fragrance on its own merits: It’s an ok scent… not something I would wear, but ok nevertheless.
28th November, 2010
Ths fragrance does smell exactly like Play Doh, so you can't fault them there; however, it's more of a novelty value than a wearable scent for me.
30th September, 2010

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