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PÍle-MÍle is a feminine perfume by Galimard.

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Galimard PELE-MELE falls into the subcategory of the class of ORIFFF (office-ready inoffensive fruity-floral frags) known as Generic "Peony" Frag (GPF). The floral construction here is supposed to be lily-of-the-valley, but I'd urge the perfumer to go take a deep whiff of DIORISSIMO. All quasi-peony frags smell more or less the same to me, the distinction between them being only whether or not they incorporate the rendition that makes me sick. In the worst cases, I find myself in a position not at all unlike Alex from "A Clockwork Orange" as he tries desperately to fling himself out the window upon being subjected to Beethoven's Ninth. Happily, PELE-MELE does not induce such a reaction in me, and so this composition is wearable, albeit deeply redundant.

Light, clean florality, with a touch of soapiness is the story here. Another ORIFFF with more florality than fruitiness, but still in the same group and perfect for people who just want to smell pleasant, no more and no less. As is often the case with these sorts of constructed-floral frags, this one expands as it develops to the point of having a relatively big sillage.
02nd July, 2011 (last edited: 10th July, 2011)
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United States
I like floral fruities about as much as cats like a bath. i have the same response, too.

But this is one FF that is not only worthy of my praise, but my hard earned cash as well. The reason this scent works for me is because its sweet like Randy Jackson, and avoids the overly sacchrine Paula Abdul. And the musk is refined and discreet here, not dipping into the overly harsh territory of Simon Cowell.

Peach and plum in the basenotes? Yes please. This makes the dry down ooh... so smooth and delightful. If you can only pick one to try from this line, vote for this one. i love it!
24th March, 2010
The drydown is surprisingly nice: rose, peach and sandalwood with a shimmering feeling. Even though this scent is easy, pleasing, and happy, there is something very beguiling in the drydown, and I want to sniff my wrist constantly. Even though I applied it very librally in the parfum strength (I got carried away, once I realized it's not the fruit salad fragrance I thought it was), the scent is not overpowering. I received this as a gift two years back from somebody who didn't know I prefer oakmoss and leather, so for two years this has matured in the bottle and does now smell softer than when I first opened it upon arrival.
18th July, 2009

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