Escentric 01 (2006)
    by Escentric Molecules

    • Launched: 2006
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Geza Schoen
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    United States United States

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    I don't get a resemblance to Fahrenheit at all.

    I do agree there is a somewhat citric character, and certainly pepper, possibly hot pepper in the opening. I get a rose-frankincense character in the heart and agree with the "blond woods" idea as well. Also I do get a touch of ambroxan, which gives depth. The whole structure has an interesting dissonance and vibration to it that keeps me sniffing. To me, it's like a stripped-down Balenciaga pour Homme, with all the elements of that dense, extreme incense-animalic composition turned down to a moderate volume. Excellent longevity (of course). Not sure I'm going to rush out to get a bottle, but it smells good.

    21st August, 2012

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    England England

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    l get lemon, pepper & woods in the opening, joined a few minutes later by what smells to me like ambergris, although no-one else seems to have mentioned it. The ambergris slowly begins to dominate after 90 minutes, & the scent stays fairly linear from then on, fading out after four to five hours. This fragrance has a lovely, fresh-yet-warm vibe, & is easily unisex.

    12 June, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    This smells fantastic on my clothes after I've worn it, but not so great on my skin directly. Unlike others, I can smell this quite strongly and it doesn't disappear on my skin. It's not dreadful on my skin but just doesn't compare to how intriguing and lovely it smells on my clothes. That said, on some days it's better than others. For this reason it's quite a mysterious, elusive scent for me, I can't quite pin it down, but for that reason I like it.

    05 December, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Escentric 01 is much better than Molecule 01 and at least I don't feel like Geza Schoen is pulling my leg with a single molecule of Iso E Super. E01 opens with a great combination of pepper and woods notes joined by a sparkling lemon. Unique and somehow familiar at the same time, then the Iso E Super starts to play his role evolving the scent into an intoxicating woody-incensey accord that stays linear for hours. IMO this is the real essence of this fragrance. I immagine E01 as an undressed minimal version of the vintage Fahrenheit or, if you prefer, as a warmer Odeur 71 with Lemon instead of mint.

    This is not a groundbreaking or revolutionary release and, as I said for Molecule 01, no "magic" or pheromonic effects here, but if you try to forget about all the hype behind this line of fragrances you will discover an incredibly delightful and modern scent that has a great projection and an amazing lasting power. In continental europe this is sold cheaper than in the US.

    06 April, 2011

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    This instantly reminded me of Fahrenheit . Except fahrenieht has the additional leather note to it. A friend mentioned to me today while we were perfume shopping, hat it eas his favorite fragrance, i then quickly checked the net to find out it's notes and as i assumed, pretty similar to Fahrenheit. So I told him he would love Fahrenheit if he liked eccentric 01 to which he replied Fahrenheit used to be his exclusive and sole perfume before eccentric 01.
    It's nice but if you like a 2D if nit 1D ambience from our perfume.

    16 October, 2010

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    Mar Azul
    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    Like a single ingredient that is very familiar to me from other perfumes like Gucci PH or Lalique Equus or any other good wooden-note perfume; this familiarity makes Escentric 01 look simple at firs sniff but then you could eventually change your mind and realize what a comfort this simplicity brings. Yes, no designer would put his name on this fragrance. It's more of a concept, something not invented by man but something that has always wandered around. And it's true for our olfactory culture; we have met this note so often playing the role of enhancer or substitute, and now here it is on its own. It's more warm than I expected, actually; while Comme Des Garcons' numbred abstractions are cold, this brings some cozyness from a better world. Yet I wouldn't go on a date with this. It's cognitive philosophy in a bottle.

    12 February, 2010

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