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Escentric 01 (2006)
by Escentric Molecules


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEscentric Molecules
PerfumerGeza Schoen

About Escentric 01

Escentric Molecules say: 'Escentric 01 consists of ‘Iso E Super’ in an unprecedented concentration (65%), together with other ingredients (including pink pepper, green lime and balsamic notes like benzoin, mastic and incense) in a new balance. Rather than the traditional top-to-bottom fragrance pyramid, Escentric 01 focuses on a long, lingering base note composed of warm musk and woody tones.'

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Reviews of Escentric 01

I will post this under every EM product, so if you've seen this before stop reading but at least one time note the following: you should buy every Molecule 0X and Escentric 0X and I will tell you why.

The reason (I have found and the usual miles may differ) is that this series is an education in fragrance. Each archetypal component molecule is examined -- start from the Escentric 0 to the X, then go to the equivalent Molecule. You will soon discern the influence of major scent famiies like Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ambroxan, and ISO E Super. You will thereafter learn these very popular notes in other compositions. Graduate-level education in fragrance. You will also learn how these major chemicals interact with your personal skin chemistry.

Do all eight for a true Rosetta Stone of the universe of fragrance, but at least a pair or two, whatever interests you.
26th April, 2018
This has been around for a long time. Who knows why? I sprayed a good amount on and got...NOTHING. Where was it? All these imaginary notes. There's simply not an iota of truth to any of it. If you want woods get 'Heeley Cardinal'. 'Escentric One' is a dud.
07th June, 2017
This should have been a winner for me; the synthetic pepper of Iso E Super is what I came for (big fan of Bang) and I like modern, linear, challenging scents.

Still, I wanted a *little* more complexity than simply ordering Molecule 01, so hoped this would be the perfect middle ground.

I tested via an amateur sample seller online and I suppose it is possible he/she waters it down, but I can barely detect anything at first spray! As it dries, that synthetic pepper comes through, but really nothing else, and even then not as powerfully as it should, given its USP.

I'll keep the 10ml tester to add an Iso E Super kick to other more complex fragrances that I want to pep up, but won't be wearing it on its own, and won't buy it again.
15th May, 2017
Absolutely plain and linear. Iso super E is the most 1 dimensional fragrance. It may be a good base, but almost by itself it smells ordinary and artificial.
10th May, 2017
This review is written with no prior knowledge of the alleged notes.
Crisp and citrus-y, with a kind of soapy background. Pleasant, clean, simple. Dry-down develops a mineral, pencil-lead aspect (very slight). Subtle, close to the skin.
> Now I am surprised to see mastic and incense listed as notes. Well, I do not really detect them -- so if you are looking for those notes and like them, you won't really find them here in any prominent way.
24th October, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A carpet of sunthetic-dull Iso E permeates this products, and off and on I get pleasant woodsy notes with a gently peppery hint. Very minimalist but not particularly exciting, as it remains quite dull on my skin.

The sillage is poor, the projection weak and the longevity is three hours on me. Nice, but not more. 2.5/5
02nd August, 2015

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