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Fifi Chachnil (2005)
by Fifi Chachnil

Fifi Chachnil information

Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 57 votes)

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About Fifi Chachnil

Fifi Chachnil is a feminine perfume by Fifi Chachnil. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Fifi Chachnil

For me, the main player in this fragrance is tobacco, apparent from start to finish. ln the opening, there's a freshly herbal hit of coriander, with perhaps some incense. Over the first half-hour, the tobacco becomes richly sweet & smoky, like a very soft & gentle version of Habanita. Much later, there's a powdery amber & a little pepper in the base. The projection is moderate, & it lasts a respectable eight hours on me.
l find this fragrance comforting & more than a little sexy, & l'd say it's far more unisex than its frou-frou packaging implies. l may well consider purchasing at some point!
23rd January, 2013
Not sure whether I"d want to wear FIFI CHACHNIL as a perfume, but it certainly did a great job clearing up my sinuses and nasal passages on this drizzly day. Wow, what a startling opening: massive coriander and citrus, which somehow (I guess, assuming that camphor or menthol or something along those lines is not also in here...) together impart a camphorous quality which lingers on and on. I am convinced that this would truly work wonders for anyone suffering from a bad winter cold. Could also be a nice sauna scent.

In fact, this composition may be more a piece of aromatherapy, when all is said and sniffed, than a perfume, for the camphorous quality never really fizzles out as I would have expected. The myrrh does become rather marked over time, but its chaperone remains near by. Although the notes are very different, in terms of overall effect, FIFI CHACHNIL does not seem that far from my memory of Vivienne Westwood BOUDOIR with its equally weird bubble gum note. Which actually, come to think of it, makes a lot of sense.
07th September, 2011
sounds good! i;ve heard that it smells like viva la juicy?? im still looking for a better replacement for viva, could this one be it?
11th June, 2010
I adore this, I've added it to my very small list of loves. If this were a woman, she would be an adorable little french girl wearing a coy parisian dress-her personality would be sexy with attitude. I tried the edp and it was really lovely, it has a "Come here, boy..." quality that can't be denied. This may sound crazy but it has a pink bubblegum hint (to my nose), sweet rose, along with a little rich tobacco thrown in the mix. I've read it's the coriander that gives it the va va voom. This could only come from a woman who designs 1950's style lingerie in Paris. It did...and Fifi perfectly captures the spirit of that. Well done!
11th April, 2009
Wow! This Fifi is something else! Probably the most '1950's French' scent I've ever smelled! Notes of fruit, coriander, vanilla, rose, tobacco and amber are sensually blended to create this ultra-feminine (sorry guys) come-hither sex potion! This floral oriental juice creates an image of Marilyn Monroe wearing a penoir set pouring her mans favorite brand of single malt scotch into a crystal rocks glass. Female seductress! A special occasion fragrance. I can't imagine it being worn as an everyday type scent. It's much too...well...special!!! Although it takes me back in time, I do think it's very wearable now. * Coming from a lingerie designer it is totally appropriate!
03rd June, 2006

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