Verveine / Lemon Verbena / Eau de Verveine / Verveine d'Eugène
    by Heeley

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    Italy Italy

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    Effectively Heeley Verveine is an extremely fresh concoction starting with a classic lemon grassy accord of lemon/verbena, sour blackberry, dusty cardamom and light mint. In the initial phase the juice is hesperidic and fizzy (sour and sparkling) with an aqueous and refreshing aromatic/citric accord really green and lemony. The fizziness is soon flanked by the transparency of the jasmine's floral ethereal intervention. The aroma persists still lemony and grassy in a less tart and more delicate and floral way which becomes more and more smoother as soon as a soothing musky/vanillic (blackcurrant flavoured) embrace keeps enveloping the classic (a la Dyptique or line 4711 Maurer& Wirtz, some Xerjoff- as Modoc- or Penhaligon's) sour introducing accord. The final outcome is a white and windy musky/floral combination with an hesperidic tenacious temperament. Pleasant.

    Pros: Grassy/citric, floral and soothed by musk and balsams
    Cons: Lack of uniqueness"

    16 August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Not a scent most people will fall for deeply because thoughtful, but completely reliable and imminently wearable.

    I experience this one as mostly herbal. Very little of what I recognize in verbena do I find here. I chose it hoping for a citrus, and I was wrong. BUT, as a verbena + really light floral, it is terrific. I find this one great as a composed, well-put-together man's fragrance without any of the cliches common to the genre (woody amber, citrus, and now this Raid-smelling tonka note best typified by Midnight in Paris).

    I think this shares some common base with some other Heeley's I've smelled: Sel Marin and Esprit du Tigre, as different as they all seem.

    02 December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    The overall aura of this fragrance has a heavier fresh shampoo quality about it. The top is heavy with lemon with some tartness from the rhubarb and the beautiful freshness of verbena. It is also a touch salty in the top as well. As the scent dries down more of the sweetness from the rhubarb comes out and I love it at this point. There is also a funky characteristic going on in the top, I think must be the black currant. When this fragrance finally dries down it's gets slightly creamy with a gentle jasmine with white musk. The jasmine is not dominant, if it were I would hate it. I think of this fragrance as unisex but have a feeling ladies would love this more than men. For me this is just OK.

    18 November, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    This has a composure bordering on reserve; a perfectly tailored composition without distracting frills or flashes. The verbena note is struck clean and true, the bergamot – usually an opening fanfare – actually develops in the heart, and there's a soft sweet floral murmur (jasmine apparently, but it could as well have been roses, it's that discreet) keeping things human. The verbena lingers in the deep base, but now a cedar-musk-Iso E Super type backing becomes perceptible. Bracing without hitting you over the head, sleek, and easy to slip into.
    Goodness knows why, I'm reminded of Diptyque's L'Ombre dans l'Eau: maybe it's that wet sweet floral thingy behind a verdant green note that's in common to both.

    29 June, 2012

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    Verveine opens with a light, fresh almost lemon grassy accord before turning more herbal, while mixing with lemon verbena in the heart notes. The herbal lemon verbena even turns a hair sour, even slightly rubbery... And then it all but disappears. I really don't get much if any base notes. Projection is below average to average, and longevity is quite brief.

    I liked the brief fresh lemon grass opening, but when the scent turned slightly sour and rubbery it lost me. I also bemoan the extremely brief longevity. I don't dislike Verveine, but I find it only average on the whole, and way over-priced for what it is. Not bad, but not recommended. 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5.

    03 May, 2012 (Last Edited: 19 December, 2012)

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    Italy Italy

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    Very light and at the same time extremely sophisticated/refined as only a bunch of light fragrances can be (Bel Respiro, Jardins De Kerylos and very few others). Bitter tomato leaf and lemony verbena start the fragrance with a surprising (read challenging) effect to then evolve into a clean musky drydown that's incredibly enjoyable for its perfect combination between top quality ingredients and refinements. Not groundbreaking but still highly recommended to anyone into lighter/fresher, close to the skin, compositions. Downside: weak lastin power.

    18 October, 2011

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