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Figuier / Fig / Eau de Figuier
by Heeley


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About Figuier / Fig / Eau de Figuier

Figuier / Fig / Eau de Figuier is a shared / unisex perfume by Heeley.

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Reviews of Figuier / Fig / Eau de Figuier

Nice fig fragrance that has been done a few times before. Smells just like Philosykos, just lighter. Original?..No Nice scent?..Not bad at all. I own Philosykos edp, so there would be no need for me to purchase this. 7.5/10
06th October, 2015
Genre: Woods

Apparently there are only so many things a perfumer can do with the fig accord. You get either a milky, leafy, sap-filled approach, as in Diptyque's Philosykos, or a more fruity, tart version, as in Parfumerie Generale's Jardins de Kérylos. Heeley's Eau de Figuier falls into the latter bucket. Prominent citrus and floral accents make Jardins de Kérylos more complex and interesting to my nose, but if you're looking for a straightforward, crisp, fruity fig scent, Eau de Figuier might be just the thing for you.
13th June, 2014
You know, when you smell a fragrance sometimes you hate it, sometimes you kind of like it and sometimes you love it. but rarely happens when you test a fragrance and the scent shocks you and makes you say WOW!
This fragrance did the same thing to me!
Very natural and extremely high quality fig based fragrance that stays figgy all the time and fortunately it doesn't get coconuty!
The opening is a bitter green figgy smell with some sort of salty aquatic vibe.
The fig note here doesn't smell like ripe fruit which is sweet and tasty. actually it's more like green unriped figs while they are still on the tree.
When you pick the unriped figs out of the branch some sort of white sap comes out and if you smell it, it has a mineral feeling into it. the scent has that feeling as well.
I can feel a soft salty aquatic feeling and a bitter herbal aroma beside figs too which makes the scent more green and fresh and also more natural.
The scent is not sweet. it's watery, figgy and fruity almost without sweetness. it has a resinous mineral feeling and finally it's a little salty and bitter green.
It's just amazing and so damn natural.
In the mid that salty and bitter herbal feelings are almost gone and while I can still smell the green figs, very smooth sweetness joins the scent.
The sweetness is very soft and it's not even creamy.
There is a little bit of woods but completely in the background.
Projection is average and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin which is very good for this kind of scent.
I haven't tested too many fig based fragrance but this is definitely the best.
A great choice for summer and something very different from those citrusy summery scents that you can smell it everywhere on anybody during the summer!
03rd June, 2014
A bravura recreation of fig foliage, which opens sharp and solvent-like but settles quickly into rain-drenched, sappy green leaves that makes me feel at ease and one with nature. The scent is thinner than other green fig recreations without the usual coconut undertones, but with vegetal, almost green chili pepper notes that offer a different dimension. Not a fig leaf to hide behind but one that seems to prompt one to slip into the greenery in the altogether.
While other fig perfumes work by concentration, this, while possibly being closer to nature, may even strike one as being not quite how we remember fig. Over the course of the wear we move from the leaves closer to the wood. While this takes Figuier into more traditional territory, it also makes it more rewarding as a perfume, because the opening and middle stage seem better suited to scenting rooms than skin.
06th January, 2014
I've been searching for a good fig and have so far tried Marc Jacobs, Philosykos, L'Artisan Premier Figuier Extreme, and Lutens' Bois et Fruits (no fig here to my nose).

What sets this one apart is the sweetness. If fig leaves are stoic and sharp, this is a smoother, more wearable, and classier version. It would work well with a suit and tie.

Heeley's website says this: "Fig essence does not in fact exist for the perfumer, so fresh notes of green grass, tea, rhubarb and melon combine with dry grass, white musk and cedar to create this deceptively simple ‘mono note’ scent.", but this is hardly a mono note scent. The opening is strongly sweet and slightly synthetic (fig and rhubarb?), quickly giving way to green vegetable notes reminiscent of cucumber, grass, and fig leaf while still smelling like fig fruit. The dry down is the smokier, more ashy fig leaf tamed by musk.

I think I found my favorite fig scent.
21st April, 2013
In my opinion, this is one of the better fig scents available.
Mmmmm, it is nice and green! Not only fresh-cut grass, but also crisp, crunchy leaves. The latter reminds me of Diptyque's excellent Eau de Lierre. There's also tart rhubarb and a little bit of green cantaloupe rind. Thus, the scent is very nice, crisp and refreshing. It would be great in warm weather, as others have noted. Eventually the typical creamy and slightly woody fig note emerges, and rounds out the somewhat acidic opening. The scent is sheer, not heavy, and never too sweet or heavy. The dry-down gets nice and woody, and has good longevity.
If you like fig, you need to try this.
29th December, 2012

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