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Jean Pascal is a masculine fragrance by Jean Pascal.

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Interesting indeed and indeed the power of persuasion is strong with this one I think.

Sour and dry grassy herbs, primarily, in an attractive masculine way. Lesser portions of warm spice, lavender, and something like non-royal pineapple? Sure.

Unique. A mix of Yatagan, Third Man, Bijan, and Ungaro II bits and pieces, I'd say, though at higher pitch and sour... makes the back of my jaw tingle. Not powerful. No animalic growling. Average longevity, at best.

It's la bamba. It's dick dale and the deltones. It's summer heat baking you in a fav hawaiian shirt, cargos, and wayfarers. It's camillo villegas lining up a putt, spider-style.

Based on contents labeling, I assume my 4oz bottle is pre-'05. Few years back, got it for a little over $6/oz which is an absolute steal. Undelay, undelay, arriba, arriba! Another keeper.
17th September, 2017 (last edited: 24th September, 2017)
This is a really interesting scent. The topnotes are my favorite part, a mix of that Ananas Fizz pineapple and bright citrus with dark booze and alcohol-soaked greens. It reminds me of bitters, or of Italian chinotto liqueur. Rather quickly, the booze is overtaken by dark woods, while a full-on 80's masculine powerhouse chypre swells up underneath.

In the end, Jean Pascal ends up as a boozy woody masculine chypre, though the sweet fruity pineapple sticks around for most of the day, providing a fresh, modern juxtaposition to the classic dark chypre greens and woods.

Jean Pascal seems to exist in a world halfway between 80's powerhouses and modern niche. Usually, scents like these just sort of get everything wrong, trying to please everybody and ending up with something that pleases no one, but Pascal manages to pull it off - it's pleasant but a little dark and weird, masculine but sweet, and not so modern that it loses the complex feel you get from classics. Nice work.
14th December, 2013
After reading this thread, I have decided that, before I write I a review, I will not read either the "official notes", or more importantly, the opinions of others. It's obvious here that reviewers are not just considering the impressions of others, but are actually lifting ideas/terms/phrases from them.

This frag strikes me as a lemon leather with a deep floral heart. Imagine Boss Spirit and Duc de Vervins in bed together. Top notes are compelling, even from afar. What I perceived as lemon may in fact be the mixture of bergamot and pineapple. The heart is rather strong and flat, and as mentioned above, very vintage in feel. The top notes persist throguh the heart. The base contains good fixatives, likely birch and civet?
03rd July, 2009 (last edited: 04th December, 2016)
lex Show all reviews
United States
masculine , very masculine,spice ficilitated by spicey pineapples. has enough power to get it done with one spray maybe an half spray.well blended.
15th March, 2009 (last edited: 12th June, 2009)
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
A rather traditional fougère-style scent that doesn't seem to have any coumarin notes in the pyramid. Still, it is a bit herbal and mutedly floral with some spicy aspect that also seems not to be listed in the pyramid. The base is very classic for men's fragrances: amber, moss, musk, and unspecified woods. The woody note seems to have a bit of a leather cast to it, so it may be birch. It seems to be a real eau de toilette strength, and so not extremely long-lasting, but it doesn't do too badly in that way either. Its chief appeal is that it's kind of stereotypically masculine in a gentler, more refined sort of old-school way. Definitely male, but not a big, bold 80s-style power scent, Its drydown is really quite satisfying. I give it high marks. It's a pity it isn't better known, but it comes from a South American company, though the nose, I believe, is from Geneva, la Suisse romande (French-speaking Switzerland). Et voilà!
06th November, 2008 (last edited: 30th July, 2009)
kbe Show all reviews
United States
Maisonstinky's site review of Jean Pascal Edt states that the following notes appear:

Top Notes:
bergamot, pineapple, herbal essence

Middle Notes:
lavender, jasmine

musk, wood, amber, moss

This one starts out sweet and spicy and evolves quickly into an arrestingly smooth and muted floral of considerable depth. The finish shows a background of the floral notes but now interwoven with an earthy, musky framework. Longevity is about 5-6 hours on me but it lingers faintly on for as many hours more.

Altogether a classy fragrance I feel quite comfortable in, and one I can be reasonably sure no one else would be wearing to an upscale cocktail party. Nice.

07th August, 2008 (last edited: 05th April, 2013)

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