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Follia di Aquarama
by Follia di Aquarama


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Follia di Aquarama is a masculine fragrance by Follia di Aquarama.

Reviews of Follia di Aquarama

Smells like Gendarme to me, except this makes an attempt not to smell like SoftSoap brand of hand soap. It has a sweet angle you can't smell until you stop inhaling the scent...I don't know how come that is, but it is pretty cool.
Sticky blue yet clean is the overall effect...I like it.
For those who like this but want it to be stronger...try Gendarme for men.
01st December, 2008
Wow, some kind of fake candy thing going on at the begining. Then it smells like smoldering (not burnt) wood chips. Odd seeing how they were going for an aquatic. Doesn't last long. Very odd little number this one.
04th July, 2008
an explosive opening of "synth-citrus"
then IMMEDIATELY settles into a dense and cool wood....typical wood smell with hints of the "cumin" or earthy note
but floral and other light notes balance
great fragrance....interesting evolution
14th July, 2007
This fragrance is an excellent example of how dynamically subjective fragrance can be. Though some reviewers find Aquarama synthetic and truly awful, my experience is entirely different. I find it wonderfully layered and complex. In essence, it reminds me of "old money". I love it and use it often.
21st March, 2007
Strange little scent. Opening as synthetic as they come—first a blast of obnoxiousness leading to a generic synthetic group with Yuzu Pledge leading the pack. I don’t find the middle notes any better than the top notes—all terribly unnatural and individually indistinguishable in a really messy accord. Within five minutes into sniffing this fragrance, my mouth is full of disgusting metallic tastes from the extremely synthetic nature of this fragrance. I don’t know how they managed to mess up the base: Cedar, amber, and vetiver seem like pretty safe bets; but they did manage to mess it up—I get…nothing. But this scentless base must have been on purpose, because, as they said in their own marketing literature: “Concluded with a splash of folly.” I can believe that! Oh, and it calls itself an EDP. If this is an EDP, an EDT version must last…what? 33 seconds?
04th March, 2007
This is truly nasty stuff. The opening is very sharp, and to my nose, synthetic. It changes dramatically, and the woods that eventually emerge are quiet, and don't last long at all. They too are not warm and rich, not natural, but rather plasticy and, to use that overused word, synthetic. Not good. Fortunately it doesn't last long.
28th January, 2007

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