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Fig & Vetiver
by Anthousa


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About Fig & Vetiver

Fig & Vetiver is a feminine perfume by Anthousa.

Reviews of Fig & Vetiver

Once got it from a fellow basenoter. And... Oh, yes, this is the perfect tropical summer-scent. Coconutty (yes, coconut is not listed, but trust me on that it IS there. Lots of it !!) fig. Perfect!! I'm glad i decided to keep this!! Notes: Green fig, italian bergamot, mandarin & cyclamen. A fruitful Heart of: berries, peach, osmanthus, and rosewood. Rounded out with sultry black amber & earthy vetiver. A BIG PLUS for the GORGEOUS LUXURIOUS BOTTLE!!
07th June, 2012
Charming, optimistic little thing. Sweetish, creamy green floral, I'd call it. I don't really get any fig or any recognizable vetiver, though there's a lovely crisp green note running through it. Very pleasant spring frag.
15th December, 2009
Smooth, sweet, and very beautiful! Also smells natural IMHO, like mellow fruits and coconut. The creaminess makes it special and not too sharp.
One word of caution: I believe this contains natural fragrance oils. Key word oils. When I sprayed on my wrist it made my skin shine (the EDP spray).
It was later absorbed and ceased to glimmer, but I would suggest not to spray this on clothes as the oils could stain.
04th August, 2009
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United States
Well, I guess I'm used to fragrances that are at least a bit sweet, because I don't find much of anything here. I'll just skip to the base, because I try to avoid the top notes of all fragrances. To me, this was a dusty green/floral, a bit dry but not very dry. It comes across as a one unit, so if someone calls this creamy that makes sense, but it's not the kind of creamy I like. Something is missing for me, as if it was somehow mixed incorrectly and some ingredients were omitted. It was a strange sensation, actually, smelling a fragrance that seemed to be missing a vital part, but what's there is fairly good, just not something I personally like, so I'll give it a neutral.
04th August, 2009
One of my first "niche" purchases, and certainly my first very smart fragrance buy (though I didn't know it at the time!) Inexplicable Fig and Vetiver was at my local TJ Maxx, alone and unboxed. I loved the ombre bottle with that milky sea green at the bottom, and after a quick spritz I was hooked. I think I got 50 ml for about 10 dollars. I still love it, my bottle is still beautiful, and though I don't wear it often, I wear it with love. The fig and vetiver are such a potentially disasterous combo to me (could come off too sharp or green), but this is a lovely and well balanced fragrance. I agree with Taolady-it's downright creamy. No sharp edges, but sophisticated and a little dry. Beloved.
15th August, 2008
Now I am a HUGE (if inexperienced) fig fan and LUVLUVLUV LaP Prmiere Figuier - but I love this too - it's a creamier figue with the most subtle greeniness and has pretty good sillage and longevity.
12th October, 2007

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