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Black Aoud (2006)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Black Aoud

Black Aoud is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Black Aoud

Is a rose still a rose when it’s mixed with patchouli & aoud? Yes, to its bitter core. The combination of rose, aoud & patchouli is almost ubiquitous in the Mideast or so I’m told. This is obviously Montale’s stab at it. I’ve never been to the Mideast but Montale’s take is very compelling.

Let’s start with the rose. I could use words like deep, floral, not-your-grandmother’s-rose but that would be a disservice. The rose is stunning, in a word. Opulent, dark red roses come to mind. I can’t tell if it’s synthetic or not but keep it coming, Montale.

The aoud and patchouli seem to hover at the same low frequency plane. The woody tones give BAoud its heart and base, like a rose growing from the noble piece of wood.

I have a recent version and it still lasts for days. I would add that the sillage isn’t as powerful as it used to be but that may be a good thing not to fill the entire opera hall. Montale’s flagship BAoud is still wonderful and a blast of exotic air.

09th October, 2015
Montale's Black Aoud.

I like how BN lists "rose petals" rather than "rose."

I could see this being used to bless one, or to exorcize. Rose petal, Aoud and mandarin are the dominant notes. A heavy ethanol pricks your nostrils initially.

I Enjoy the formula, truly. Very confronting, I picture it being used on the predominantly dressed-in-black type, well structured cheek bones and completely indifferent to opinion. Not for me, I am more into the animalic kind. If you are kind of a Perfume bad ass, buy this frag.

8/10 (purely for admiration of craftsmanship.)
08th October, 2015
This is one of the best of Montale offerings. Overall it has that Montale DNA and reminiscent of others in the line, but this one is better blended. It's simple but interesting; the dark rose paired with pungent oud is what it's all about from the start and well into the base, because the opening and the heart doesn't change much. The rose loses it's power with time, but the oud doesn't until very late, reversing the proportions of the rose/oud scent to the oud/rose. The longevity is very good and the projection is medium (I suppose the current formula is toned down a bit, because it's not a nuclear bomb as the older reviews are stating, but the performance is still good). In the last hours, when it has become a skin scent, it's softer, mainly a musky patchouli scent with just a touch of oud.
01st October, 2015
I acquired a decant of Black Aoud over the winter. In cooler weather, it retains its hissing, medicinal opening for several hours. I would get traces of something more luxurious, but they were fleeting.

Now that it's summertime, and Portland has been hitting triple digit temperatures, I gave Black Aoud another shot to see how the heat might change things -- and it did, noticeably! Walking around town, going in an out of shops on a hot afternoon, Black Aoud smoldered with all it had to offer. As with all scents, it didn't last as long in the heat, and yet was still generous in its duration.

Who says big, tenacious perfumes shouldn't be worn on hot days? Along with Bandit and Tubereuse Criminelle, Black Aoud has become one of my favorites for scorchers. Like the aforementioned, it's novel, inedible, cutting through heat-induced dazes to keep my mind clear.
02nd August, 2015

A different fragrance,A new dimension.BLACK AOUD MONTALE is one of those fragrances that is unlike anything you have smelled before.The fragrance presents a completely exceptional composition.It has a nice noticeable scent but not overpowering. Mysterious,Magnetic,Warm,Expensive,Gorgeous,Woody, Unpredictable,Senesual and Perfectly Unique.

it starts more like an real classic arabian with a great touch of oud.the notes are so perfectly harmonized especially rose and oud are so strong and dominant to my nose.the confident character will wear this perfume and feel the magic. it is not for the faint hearted.however everybody's chemistry is different and it's going to smell different on everybody but something is certain, BLACK AOUD is a unforgettable masterpiece.

Anyway BAM is one of the most majestic scents admist the MONTALE impressive line-up..It is a very good attention grabber fragrance and definitely make a sensual statement.Totally I would highly recommend anyone loking for a unique scent for Evenings or Romantic events.


Longevity?Noticeable on my skin.

13th June, 2015
Montale Black Aoud's title is appropriate, as this immediately conjures a dark oud, contra the more red pepper oud of Red Aoud, which I've tried previously. Rose and patchouli round out the eponymous note, creating a dark, heavy concoction that seems ideal for use on winter nights, given its density and seriousness. I found the patchouli more significant in the opening and the rose more significant in the dry down, which is the opposite of what I'd expected between the two. Nonetheless, this yields a softer, creamier dry down that does make the fragrance lean unisex, even, though I'm assuming this is marketed to men primarily.

Like Red Aoud, projection and longevity are very strong. Montales aren't in the highest price echelon but it's good that for nonetheless higher pricing ($120 / 50ml, $170 / 100ml), an EDP delivers in a powerful way. I'm starting to become convinced that Montale frags are pretty worthwhile, so I'm eager to try more, though more ideally when the temperature drops.

7 out of 10
02nd June, 2015

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