Black Aoud (2006)
    by Montale

    Black Aoud Fragrance notes

    Cambodian aoud, Patchouli leaves, Mandarin, Musk, Rose petals

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    United States United States

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    Dark and rounchy Oud and rose (not in a bad way) make this one a winner for oud lovers. Settles down to a lovely patchouli and light rose with the oud still pushing for space. I like this one, but I am not that big of an oud lover. For that reason this one is not FBW for me. 7/10.

    18 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Not a scent for the shy and meek. You absolutely have to be confident in yourself to wear this. A very dark rose and oud Incredible lasting power. Just a little spritz is all you need. It is a very arabian oud and rose.

    18 March, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    You know, there are some jokes that are funny only in particular countries. when you say it among your people, they may laugh to death but if you say it in other country they will just stare at you and say ..... so ?! O.o
    This fragrance has the same situation!
    It's really interesting and exotic fragrance for many folks in US, Europe but if you live in Asia and specially countries like IRAN which I am and countries at the same area, when you wear something like this that mean you smell like the cheapest rose extract that is called "Golab" and you can buy a 1 liter bottle of it for less than $1.
    People will make fun of you when you smell like this!
    There is a city in IRAN called "Kashan" that is very famous in the world for having very big rose gardens and special rose extract that is exactly the smell of this fragrance!
    This rose extract has different uses! mostly they use it in holy shrines and also we use it in our funerals on the body to smell good and also has usage for making local cookies in some cities of my country!
    Do I like to smell like a holy shrine or a body before bury?! hell no!
    Also oud has a very small role in this fragrance!
    All thing that you get is syrupy sweet musky rose for a very long time and only some oud in the background and also patchouli which was the only part that I enjoyed.
    And please for god sake don't tell me how oud smell like because I've grown up with smell of oud and rose like every other guy in my country!!
    Both projection and longevity is amazing with this!

    01st February, 2014

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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    Somber and somehow sophisticated, but also too strong and rich to me - in a word, a bit boring. Overall it's just another oudh.


    24 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

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    Love/Hate Relationship with this juice....

    Me and Black Aoud a love/hate relationship... we fight.. Often. Usually about once a week.

    One day, she's sexy, mysterious, her boobs are popping out of her blouse, her breath smells great, her eyes are stunning, and she's all over me.

    The next day, she's a crackwhore, she smells like a cheap old lady, she has bags under her eyes, and she wants nothing to do with me, or I, her.

    But when she and I are on the same page, it's a beautiful thing: They make sappy chick flicks about the things we do, R Kelly writes an X rated song about the things we're doing by the fireplace, classic porn is produced, and babies are made in the shower.

    Yes, there's some rose in it for the dark lady. The oud is in there for that strong, suave man that needs to announce to every woman in the room, that he's different from all the other men in there, and wants to take her home.

    I LOVE this fragrance.. about 3 days out of the week

    ..the other 4 days is a toss up. Sometimes we work, sometimes we fight.

    Pros: Longevity
    Cons: Me and Black Aoud figh a lot!

    29 June, 2013

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    Synthetic rose, with hints of spice and wood

    Never have I struggled so much with a fragrance as with Black Aoud. I wanted desperately to love this scent, so much so that my bias interfered with my nose. After 3 wearings, I still couldn't tell if I liked it or not.

    Then I read all about the controversy surrounding the Montale company. I was disappointed, even offended at the deception. I allowed this to affect my perception of the fragrance.

    Now, after about 10 wearings, I am finally beginning to form an *honest* impression of Black Aoud.

    First, the obvious: this is potent stuff. A few drops are enough to project across a crowded room for 10 hours. Black Aoud has the strongest projection and longevity I have ever encountered in a fragrance.

    It is not an overly complex scent, to be sure. It opens with a frozen clang of synthetic rose, supported by aoud and perhaps a hint of underlying sweet spice.

    And then....well, nothing happens really. Black Aoud does not evolve. It simply "is." I could detect virtually no change from opening to heart to base. If anything, the rose note may have intensified over time. I wish I picked up more patchouli and spice, but the rose was so expansive it drowned them out.

    I don't see this as a particularly "gothic" or dark fragrance, like some of the other reviewers. To me, it is a satisfying masculine rose, a good summer scent in warm-ish climates. The only cautionary provision is not to overapply!

    Scent: 4/5

    Sillage: 5/5

    Longevity: 5/5

    Pros: longevity, clarity of the rose note
    Cons: linear, a bit synethic

    24 June, 2013

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